• MTV Goes 'Braless' With Its First Stand-Alone YouTube Channel
     MTV  launched its first YouTube channel, MTV Braless, hosted by sex vlogger Laci Green, whose own YouTube site has 1.1 million subs. It's a channel about sex and gender issues. 
  • Upon LeBron's Return Tonight, Nike's Emotional Ad For Cleveland
    For LeBron James' pre-game huddle pep talk, it turns out he's rallying the entire city.
  • Funny Or Die's Pointed Parody Of Hollaback Street Harassment Viral Video
    Funny or Die reacted to Hollaback's viral documentary video showing a women being harangued by male passersby in Manhattan; in the satirical version, passersby try to ingratiate themselves to a man who they sense is powerful.   
  • Verizon's Tech Site Bans Writing About Spying Or Net Neutrality, Says Daily Dot
    Verizon's technology news site called SugarString.com, is now hiring, hoping to make a truly mainstream tech site. But The Daily Dot reports new hires are told it is expressly forbidden to write about American spying via devices, or net neutrality, subjects where Verizon has a major role in the story to be told. 
  • Vice Media, Rogers Communications In $100M Partnership To Build Canadian Production Studio
    Vice Media and Canada’s Rogers Communications formed a $100 million joint venture to create a multimedia production studio dedicated to original programming. It's back to future, in a way. Vice started in Montreal, as a magazine..
  • Tellem, Levin and Xbox Studios All Given The Boot
    Nancy Tellem and her top lieutenant Jordan Levin had been trying to salvage some of the projects that they’d been developing under the Xbox Studios. Microsoft pulled the plug on the larger ambitions during the summer, but the pair had initially expected to stay through year’s end at Microsoft, which would have given them more time to sort through the thicket of rights issues involved in relocating the scripted and nonscripted projects. Instead, they were among 3,000 Microsoft employees laid off today. 
  • OpEd Piece Rails Against Gaming's Hostility To Women
    Writing on the op-ed page, Anita Sarkeesian, the executive director of Feminist Frequency, recounts her early fascination with gaming and the death threats she has now received because her organization has focused on the sexist attitude of gamers. She says that to some game fans, she has become a "folk demon."
  • Vintage Stuff From Viacom Cable Nets Gets A New Home On Hulu
    Hulu, in a deal with Viacom, gets rights to lots of vintage programming hits from Viacom-owned channels Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TVLand, Spike, BET and Logo, providing a large selection of children’s, comedy and reality titles.
  • YouTube Offers Live Broadcasting Powers To App Makers
    YouTube this week is launching an open source project dubbed “YouTube WatchMe for Android.” Translation? “YouTube is bringing its live broadcasting capabilities to the world of third-party app developers,” TechCrunch reports. “The project … offers a reference app designed for the Android operating system that creates a YouTube Live Streaming Event.” Of note, “The app also introduces a simple interface allowing an end user to press a button to start broadcasting from their phone to YouTube.” 
  • Analyst: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Will Pay $6.8B For Syndie Rights In 2015, Double What Stations Will
    Hollywood will receive a big influx of cash next year from none other than streaming video-on-demand subscription services. Analyst David Bank from RBC Capital Markets says Neflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will spend more, $6.8 billion, more than twice as much for content and syndication rights as broadcast stations will pay, and more than the $5.2 billion Hollywood will get from subscription video on demand services this year. 
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