• FiOs Will Pay For Your Netflix If You Buy Its Triple Play
     MVPDs are now using Netflix to market their wares instead of their own programming bundles. Verizon's FiOs offers a $150 Visa gift card to be used for a year of Netflix.
  • AwesomenessTV Starts Licensing Arm To Amp Up Retail
    AwesomenessTV launched a Consumer Products and Creator Licensing Division to work with creators within and outside of the MCN to explore and create retail opportunities for its creators,Tubefilter reports.
  • Little Girls Spouting F-Word On Video Draws Rebuke On Pro-Life Site
    The group, FCKH8.com, which espouses equal treatment--and pay--for women, produced a video in which little girls liberally use the F-word to make that point, too. YouTube has taken the video down; Vimeo still runs it. The pro-life Website LifeNews.com takes a dim view and chides other media for extolling the shock value of the video.
  • NYT's Thompson Defends Native Advertising
    Mark Thompson, CEO at The New York Times, thinks banner ads are pretty ineffective, especially as mobile use expands, and defends native video ads as long as they are clearly and distinctly seen as ads.
  • Nielsen, Adobe Team Up To Measure Internet Viewership On All Devices
    The move for Nielsen, which dominates traditional TV ratings and Adobe, which has troves of data on how people watch videos through the Internet, underscores how quickly the landscape is shifting.
  • Yahoo Eyes BrightRoll Buy
    Yahoo has been building up its video and video advertising content, and we have heard that it may make another key acquisition in the area to further raise its game. “Term sheets have been signed, and … the price, if the deal is completed, could be anywhere from $500 million to $1 billion, but looks likely to be in the region of $700 million [to] $725 million,” TechCrunch reports.  
  • LeBron's Video For Beats Has Four Million Views In Just Two Days
    The basketball star from Akron, Ohio pays tribute to his hometown in a Beats commercials, and apparently, people like the view. As an investor in the ear buds, that's got to be music to his ears.
  • What Next For Netflix?
    Is Netflix in trouble because of new competition, or does everybody want to acquire it because it has the biggest gun in the fight? 
  • Maybe Networks Should Thank Netflix
    Without the success of Netflix, who knows how long it would have taken for networks to create viable online only services.
  • Analysts See CBS, HBO Moves As Powerful Shots Across Cable's Bow
    Fence-sitting cord-cutters might finally rid themselves of one hyphenate, say analysts. Television is being redefined, two influential analysts say.
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