• NewFront 2013 Debuts With First 'Day' Of Digital Content Providers
    Microsoft and Yahoo; the Weather Company, and The Wall Street Journal, made their pitches to advertisers on Monday at the NewFronts. WSJ executives called it Newsfront 2013. (Opined the Times: "Upfronts, NewFronts, Newsfront — it can get pretty confusing.")
  • Yahoo Offers New Programs, New Partneships
    At its NewFront event, Yahoo brought out a star-studded line-up to tout a new programming slate, which includes shows about a pair of Hollywood starlets who abuse their personal assistant, a diminutive crime fighter and a former teen idol interviewing celebrities about their first sexual encounters. It also cut deals with Conde Nast Entertainment and CNBC.  
  • ZenithOptimedia Predicts 3.9% Worldwide Ad Growth in 2013
    The ZenithOptimedia Global Advertising Forecast is predicting that global advertising expenditure will grow by 3.9% in 2013, with rising and mature markets expected to reach 9.4% and 3.5% respectively in 2015. Display leads the way in the internet advertising business, with an annual growth of 20%, mostly from online video and social media advertising.
  • Weather Channel Will Add Three Digital Series
    They are “I Am Unstoppable” (working title, premieres October), profiling six athletes who overcome physical disabilities; “Virus Hunters” (November), a docu about killer-virus outbreaks; and “Alive” (December), first-person accounts of people who survived life-threatening weather events.
  • Vegans Are Sexual Animals! New PETA Video Claims
    The ad, created by Fallon, is the second PETA ad to use sexual prowess as a way of promoting veganism. PETA has recorded a 30 per cent uplift in sales of its vegetarian and vegan diet kits since the first ad last November.
  • Time Warner CEOThinks Netflix Is OK, For Now
    "Netflix is a pretty good company. It is not at all surprisingthat they have the subscriber count they have," Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes concedes. But he says Netfklix doesn't have the budget Time Warner's HBO does for original content, and predicts many more new content providers to come.
  • The Stars Comes Out for NewFronts
    The online video streamers, including YouTube, Yahoo!, Hulu, AOL and Vevo, are back with their David vs. Goliath act, hoping to siphon off a bit more of the $70 billion Madison Avenue spends on TV programming. This year new media are wheeling out star entertainers, including Steve Martin and theLumineers, to build respect.
  • IAB Guide to NewFronts
    Down at the bottom, there's a coherent chart...
  • The Soaps Are Back--on HuluPlus
    "All My Children" (without Susan Lucci, for now) and the obviously mis-titled "One Live to Live," both canceled by ABC in 2011, make a comeback online, starting Monday.
  • Now There's An Emoticon for That
    With a new ABC app called Social Soundtracker in beta testing on iPhones, you'll be able to spend time in front of the TV "continuously clicking a range of emoticons to register the ebbs and flows of your viewing emotions."  Is there an emoticon for "sarcastic-hurray"? 
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