• New Study Looks Hard At YouTube Music Algorithms
    A new Italian study shows the patterns that link together digital music videos on YouTube that divide between genre-based and mood-based. The study identifies 50 different kinds of music clusters. 
  • See Steph Curry In 360 Degrees. Amazing!
     Technology acquired by Intel creates a new kind of replay, one that combines the video with a single still frame that can now be viewed in three dimensions from any angle. That makes Steph Curry look even more incredible.
  • How Apple May Be Plotting Its VR Future
    Something other than a VR headset may be the first move; it might be years before it offers any kind of VR device. 
  • Snapchat Sees Up To $1B In Revenue In '17, A Giant Leap
    In an SEC filing, Snapchat says it has raised $1.8 billion in a Series F funding round, and a leaked document notes Snapchat had just $59 million in revenue last year. Bu it said it expects revenues of $250-$350 million this year, and from $500 million to $1 billion in 2017. t
  • Now Red Bull Attaches Itself To GoPro
    The two companies will promote their own brands across each other’s videos, and in the deal, Red Bull acquires an ownership slice of GoPro. The camera maker will show up at 1,800 Red Bull video events.
  • Google Maps To Give Directions, And Take Ads
    Heretofore, Google Maps hasn't allowed much advertising. But The company rolled out several new mobile ad features intended to create  more direct ties between online ads and in-store purchases, something marketers want. 
  • Netflix, Amazon Subject To EU Quotas, Investments
    At least 20% of the offerings by over the top services like Amazon and Netflix operating in Europe would have to be European-produced fare, according to new rules from the European Union. Also, those OTT services could be called upon to finance projects. That doesn't seem to cause much hardship for those services, which have been trying to up their "homegrown" presence.  
  • Spotify Saw Revenue Surge In 2015
    Growing its income by 80%, Spotify took in $2.18 billion in revenues in 2015, reports Music Business Worldwide, citing a financial filing in Luxembourg. Meanwhile, “Net losses stood at a painful  $194m … but these grew much slower -- widening by just 6.7% compared to 2014.” Nearly doubling, ad revenue reached $219m in 2015.
  • Marissa Mayer As Jesus Christ? Variety's Weird Cover
    Gizmodo wonders (for all of us) about Variety's cover depicting Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer dressed in red, as a Christ-like figure carrying a Y-shaped cross. Offensive? Making what point? Gizmodo, like us, is stumped.
  • BuzzFeed Building A Hard News Video Team In NYC
     BuzzFeed executive producer Henry Goldman is moving from Los Angeles to New York to lead a team within the media giant’s east coast headquarters that will focus on news videos.
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