• We Got the 'Galifianakis Bump' For Obamacare, Says Sebelius
    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says the Affordable Care Act got the Zach "Galifianakis Bump" after President Obama weathered a lot of good-natured, but mock-mean spirited criticism of the messed up health care launch on Funny or Die's "Between Two Fersn." The last day to sign up for Obamacare seems to be ending with a big surge.
  • Angering Dish And Comcast, WWE's Online Wrestling Service Is A Hit So Far
    WWE Entertainment's new streaming service, started in February, gets its first big test
  • Travel Agency Urges Danes to Exercise Their Patriotism By Procreating On Holiday
    A Danish ad agency's commercial encourages couples to take a vacation and make babies to help raise lagging birthrate. It even offers prizes for couples who can prove they conceived on holliday. Of course, it's gone viral.
  • YouTube Finally Offers Audience Guarantees
    Leading into the upfronts, YouTube is reportedly offering audience guarantees to advertisers. Yes, in what will essentially be a first for Google’ video giant, “YouTube will guarantee to air ads across its channels until they reach a certain percentage of the target audience that the marketer is trying to reach,” The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources. “TV networks have long offered audience guarantees to advertisers, reimbursing marketers with extra ad time if program viewership fell short of the guarantees.” 
  • Smosh's Hecox And Padilla In No Rush To Air: 'Our Fans Don't Watch TV' Anyway
    Smosh creators/stars stay true to their roots; they say they would never abandon the Internet or the fans there who made them household names,  in certain nutty circles. Anyway, they say, their fans don't watch TV.
  • Amazon Has Press Event April 2: New Streaming Device Coming?
    The company just sent out invites to a media event in New York next Wednesday that promises “an update on our video business.”
  • Mike Judge Talks About Nerds, HBO, And Silicon Valley
     Mike Judge,  responsible for such wicked comedies as “Office Space,” “Beavis & Butt-Head” and “King of the Hill” comes back to TV with his  nerdcom, "Silicon Valley." Here, he talks about his horrible experience at Fox and how tech billionaires are ripe for laughs. "They are introverted and socially awkward and no one is saying 'no' to them. It’s kind of perfect for comedy.”
  • YouTube, AOL Among Video Outlets Aiming For Ads From Cable's Second Tier
    At pre-upfront meetings, some analysts and observers say Google's YouTube, AOL and other online video purveyors are pitching themselves as a better alternative to second-tier cable networks, especially for young adult viewers.
  • Did Disney Save Maker's Ship From Sinking?
    Whether Walt Disney Co.’s $500 million gamble on Maker Studios will bear fruit is anyone’s guess, but a new report suggests that the video producer could not have survived on its own. No, Maker was not a “great standalone business, or a profitable one,” The Information reports. On the contrary, “Maker had been losing $2 million to $3 million a month in the run-up to the sale, according to two people close to the company.” 
  • Microsoft Launches A Video Ad Network in Britain
    Microsoft Video Network is launched in Britain. The new video advertising service is taking on YouTube with its programmatic ad platform and 350 publishers.
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