• Without Much Fanfare, Amazon Begins Offfering Short Form Videos On Site
    Amazon is building a library of short-form video clips that are streaming on a special hub on the company website, organized by genre. There may be 100,000 clips on the site already.
  • Twitter's Amplify And Other Video Ad Launchers Could Be Its Future
    Twitter is increasingly focused on extending sponsored content to other Websites, using its Amplify system. It might be Twitter's best future path.
  • Netflix Will Pay AT&T To Speed Things Up, Too
    The movie delivery service has already announced it's paying Comcast and Verizon a peering fee to make it more likely Netflix transmission won't stall. 
  • Tablet Sales Are 'Crashing'? That's What Best Buy CEO Says
    Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly tells Re/Code customers are reviving popularity of the PC, particularly the two-in-ones that can be used as a laptop or a tablet. 
  • Prank Call: Mr. Slingpue Explains The L.A. Water Main Break to KABC-TV
    Juvenile? You bet. A prank caller who called himself Louis Slingpue got on air at KABC-TV in L.A yesterday to tell riveted anchors that either a cherry bomb down a toilet, or someone who took a "very large dump" caused epic water main break around UCLA.
  • Patent Office Approves Apple iWatch With Lots of Health, Video Applications
    The Patent Office approved Apple's iWatch application. The new device has audio and video capabilities, but the big play may be its health-related features.
  • Vine Standout Shawn Mendes Is No Overnight Sensation: It Took 37 Minutes For His EP To Top iTunes
    With 2.9 million followers and more than 148 million total loops to his name, Shawn Mendes is one of Vine's most popular users. Now, he can call himself a best-selling artist, too.
  • Brutal Video About The Burden Of Shopping Online
    Fashion writer Katherine Bernard wickedly skewers the choice-laden/adjective-dense ritual of online shopping.
  • The Doctor Will See You Now, Via Online Media
    With the launch this month of Virtuwell.com in Virginia, those living, working or traveling in the state can receive a diagnosis and prescription for 50 common ailments after a structured online interview, submitted on a computer or mobile device.
  • 'Seinfeld' Reruns To Netflix?
    Don't bet on it, but on a chat board, Jerry Seinfeld says "conversations are presently taking place." But "Seinfeld" is still making lots of money in syndication. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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