• HBO Now May Have 850K Subs, Says Greenfield
    BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield put together data from several sources including Apple's iOS app store and says the real figure might be one million. HBO doesn't report. But if those figures are close to correct, it would mean very few dropped HBO Now after its one-month free trial ended.  HBO Now's app ranks between 8 and 9 in the iPhone's list of top grossing apps, and sits at number 5 among iPad apps.
  • 21 Million Views For E3 Gaming Conference On Amazon's Twitch
    Amazon's Twitch reports 21 million unique viewers watched a total of almost 12 million hours of press conferences (!) and other stuff from the E3 gaming conference
  • Gay YouTubers Celebrate The Decision
    As all of social media went wild Friday after the Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriages, so did big YouTube stars including Tyler Oakley, who came out when he was 14. YouTube saluted itself, too, for being a "platform to entertain and inspire, while raising LGBT awareness in society as a whole," and a “home to coming out and transitioning videos."
  • How Michael Wolff Thinks TV Won The Internet
    In an op-ed, he argues that TV is still where the money is, and where the viewers are and that Internet views are transitory. The Internet is drowning in free content, leaving Google and Facebook to set the ad rates. (This also is a theme of his new book.)
  • Snapchat's 3V Tries To Quickly Grab Some Adveriising
    Snapchat has rolled out a video ad unit called 3V advertising—which stands for video, vertical and views—that consists of vertically-oriented videos produced for mobile devices. The videos take up a user’s full screen. By taking up the full screen, the platform aims to ensure that the advertiser has the consumer’s complete attention.
  • HuffPost Launching 24-Hour Video Network
    The Huffington Post is doubling down on original video production with a new 24-hour network. “HuffPost 24 will feature live programming, short-form video, original series, documentaries and other video,” The Hollywood Reporter writes. “The network will be available on the HuffPost Web site, via apps, over-the-top and distributed as VOD content.” 
  • Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig Talk About Honesty At Cannes
    They won't shill for advertisers, they say. Hannah Hart said she did a campaign with Coke and told them, flat out, she wasn't going to drink Coke, because she advises her fans not to drink soda. They were good with that.
  • YouTube Vloggers Begin Playing The Field
    NPR's take on how Vessel and Facebook, and others too, are trying to woo YouTube's star vloggers.
  • Four Tips For 'Teaser' Video Ads
    Econsultancy offers four ways to use teaser ads to get viewers to watch an entire (longer) video.
  • Look Out For Flood Of Hard To Trace Political Ads Online
    If you dread the deluge of political ads flooding the airwaves during election season, you're not going to like what's in store for you in 2016. Every device you own, from your smartphone to your Kindle to your iWatch, will be a delivery vehicle for attack ads and other campaign spots. But the rules governing political ads on the Web are far more lax than those covering more traditional television and radio ads.
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