• Netflix CFO Wishes HBO Go Would Compete Head-to-Head
    Netflix CFO David Wells thinks HBO Go should offer its online service to eveybody, not just people who already get HBO via cable. He thinks there's plenty of room for a competitor, and that competition would be good for Netflix
  • DirecTV Wants to Compete with Netflix, But Would Start Small
    DirecTV, the largest satellite TV operator in the U.S., has indicated that it might introduce online video streaming services. But at first, it won't be anywhere near as ambitious. as Netflix.
  • Neflix Popularity at Odds with Canada's Domestic Content Laws
    Netflix subscribers have doubled in the last year. Now, Canadian broadcasters, who have to produce a certain amount of homegrown content, complain that because Netflix doesn't have to adhere to that requirement, neither should they.
  • Surprise! Analysts Say Facebook, Google Have Big Edge as Ad Dollars Shift to Mobile
    Facebook  and Google have big user bases, and that's critical as ad dollars shift to mobile away from desktop PCs. The two Internet giants are zeroing in more on video ads, but analysts  think that won't have a major financial impact for a couple years.
  • California Passes Law Allowing Minors to Expunge Their Embarrassing Internet Content
    California passed a law that allows youths to legally get damaging content off the Web so as to not jeopardize them as they seek jobs or college admissions. But it's tougher to get that material off the Internet once it's been passed around by others.
  • Intel's Plan for a Web-based Pay Service Needs Some Help, Sources Say
    Intel promised to launch a Web-based pay TV service by the end of 2013, but now are looking for a strategic backer to help them fund and distribute the service. If they don’t find one soon, it’s possible the project will be scrapped. Intel has been talking with Samsung and Amazon, some sources tell AllThingsD.
  • Great Dove Ad, But It Forgot One Thing
    Those Dove Real Beauty sketches were massively popular. But while the ads garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube, a survey found that it's likely that many of those views came from people who didn't remember it was a Dove ad--maybe because Dove isn't mentioned until the very end of the 3-minute ad
  • Does Commercial Programming Have a Future In UGC World?
    So as there appears to be an abundance and continuous stream of UGC content, the publishers of the video sites are also questioning the validity of original content and how they can justify paying for it without a strategy to monetize it. Richard Spalding, CEO of Kontraband and The 7th Chamber looks at the dilemma.
  • For Real? Yes. Real Networks Hoping for a Comeback in Online Video
    RealPlayer publishers RealNetworks is hoping to make a comeback in the online video field by launching a cloud-based version of its once-dominant streaming video player.
  • Survey Shows Ad Executives Think TV Ads More Important Than Video Impresions
    Pacemedia, an-automated self-service portal for television advertisers, announced its findings from its 2013 Advertisers Survey of 264 ad executives that it says shows that 89% of them found television video impressions were more important than online video impressions. A similar overwhelming majority of 88% say there are benefits in better targeting in television advertising.
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