• Amazon Unveils Prime Video--Offline--For Kindle Users
    Amazon’s new line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets will let Prime Instant Video users download some movies and TV shows to their devices, for free, for up to 30 days, so they can watch without an Internet connection. Once they start watching a particular title, they’ll have 48 hours to finish.
  • Google's 'Gearshift' Report Says Auto Brands Worldwide Need to Up Their Digital Game
    Automotive brands need to step up their digital spend because online video platforms have forever changed the way people buy cars, according to Google’s 2013 global auto shopper study, titled ‘Gearshift 2013’.
  • AOL Does What Seems to be a Second Upfront Presentation During Advertising Week
    Last night, AOL attempted to sell marketers, advertising agencies and Wall Street investors on a group of original online programming featuring personalities such as Gwynneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hank Azaria and Nicole Richie. The programming is aimed at appealing to corporate advertisers looking for content of a much higher quality that the vast clutter of DIY creations that populate the Web.
  • Twitter and CBS in a Deal to Highlight Previews of the Network Series
    Your Twitter feed will soon contain clips from "CSI" or "60 Minutes," part of the company’s new partnership with CBS. For Twitter, this represents a doubling down on its big bet to pull major money in from TV
  • The Very Big Money in 'Camming' Sex Videos
    Unlike prerecorded pornography, cam shows, which happen in real time, are hard to pirate. The traffic to the most popular camming Internet sites is substantial, with a handful of the top sites getting 30 million visitors a month, according to  Compete.com, which measures Internet traffic.
  • We Saw More Ads, But Fewer Videos, in August, According to New Stats
    The monthly ranking of the online video market showed that in August 2013,188.5 million Americans watched 46.7 billion online content videos which attracted 22.8 billion video ad views. This compared with 187 million viewers consuming more than 48 billion online content videos with 19.6 billion video ad views the month before.
  • Adapt.tv Comes Up Big in August, Serving Up 2.5 Billion Ads
    Adapt.tv, the online video advertising platform, served one billion minutes of video ads in August, according to comScore. In the rankings, Adapt.tv pulled past BrightRoll  to serve the second highest number of  video ads – to nearly 2.5 billion, behind Google’s 3.2 billion.
  • Netflix Wins One at the Emmys, But Not the BIG One
    David Fincher gets the nod for Best Director for "House of Cards," which is Netflix's first Emmy and first Emmy for an online series. It was history, but history buffs might have wished for the best drama award. Not in the cards
  • What You Guessed Is True: 40% of Xbox Live Viewers AREN'T Men
    Microsoft  confirmed that 40% of the Xbox LIVE audience are women, according to COO Kevin Turner. He also said 42% of the Xbox LIVE community watches 30 hours of movie and TV content each month across a number of digital platforms offered through LIVE, i.e. Netflix and Hulu Plus.
  • Analysts Like Facebook's Ad Plan, Might Be Worried about Departure of Key Staffer
    Facebook's apparent decision to add some video advertising to its Newsfeed pages cheered some analysts. At Wedbush analysts raised Facebook's target price from $39 to $49. Similarly, Goldman Sachs incremented Facebook’s valuation from $46 to $52. But Facebook is also losing a key employee, The departure of Justin Shaffer, the product manager for the firm’s video ad product,  couldfrustrate advertisers  if it results in additional delays.
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