• Attention Narcissists: No Selfie Sticks Allowed At Coachella, Lolapalooza
    Organizers of Lolapalooza and Coachella music festivals banned selfie sticks from their venues this summer. Last weekend, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami did the same.  "They will be turned away and we'll probably make fun of you," Ultra said on its Twitter account earlier this month.
  • Before You Go Meerkating/Periscoping...
    ...check out what all that live streaming is going to do with your cell phone's data plan. It's pretty likely you're going to go way over the limit. One minute of live streaming could suck up 3.3 megabytes per minute.
  • What The Wha? What Is Apple TV Anyway?
    Breath mint or candy mint? Re/Code explains what Apple TV isn't (a TV set) and what it is and what it might become, answering a confused reader.
  • Upcoming Conference: The Monsters Of A Rapidly Changing Media Landscape
    Highlights for this ersatz Funny or Die media conference parodies the experts, who all begin their lectures, "It's a strange time... " A short video that is less of a waste of your time than some TED talks.
  • Facebook Taking YouTube Head On
    Facebook is launching an embeddable video player, the company announced at its developers conference Wednesday afternoon. Users will now be able to embed Facebook-hosted videos anywhere on the web, just like it's possible to do with YouTube or Vimeo videos. This embeddable video player will become available to use today. This is a big challenge to YouTube, and follows Facebook's recent ramping up of its focus on video and lucrative video advertising. 
  • 'Kimmy Schmidt' Has A Bright New Take On Victimization
    New Yorker critic Emily Nussbaum says Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" takes a relatively unique spin on being a victim. Rather than dark and brooding, Kimmy is bubbly and bright and eager to find out what she's missed the last 15 years while she was held captive.  
  • YouTube Sees Future In Live-Streaming Esports
    Following its failed attempt to buy Twitch, YouTube is reportedly planning to relaunch its live-streaming platform with a particular focus on gaming and esports. “The Google-owned online video behemoth … has watched the growth of esports with great interest and is looking to acquire broadcast content and talent within the industry,” The Daily Dot reports. 
  • Is Autoplay The Way All Video Advertising Is Going?
    Twitter experimentally rolled outt autoplay video advertising this week for mobile devices, following Facebook in its battle against YouTube. Is autoplay going to become the new normal? 
  • Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Are Becoming The Establishment
    So says The New York Times, which says HBO, Sling TV, Apple and Sony are now starting to carve up their share of the online content delivery business.
  • Viacom Said To Be Close To Acquiring Funny Or Die
    A report by Jocelyn Johnson says Viacom is near to closing a deal to buy the comedy Website, and that it might be pursuing Onion.com and CollegeHumor.com too. 
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