• How Much Should Media Companies Work With Facebook?
    The New York Times reports that Facebook has been talking to some big media companies about hosting their content inside Facebook rather than making users tap a link to go to it elsewhere. This piece from NiemanLab explores whether that's a good idea. 
  • Looks Like TiVo Has A New Logo
    It appears so, from the looks of material from the upcoming Cable Hall of Fame. TiVo is a sponsor. Instead of the familiar "two-legged" logo, TiVo is represented by a cleaner version of the brand name, which also eliminates the TV set.  
  • Jason Kilar Launches Video Startup Vessel
    Video start-up Vessel has launched as a free service, and a premium that will set subscribers back $3 a month. The brainchild of former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, “a free version … shows you clips you can find on YouTube and other video sites, and a paid service that gives subscribers a three-day ‘window’ where they can see stuff before it shows up anywhere else,” Re/Code reports.
  • Live Streaming Service YouNow Finds Audience
    Finding success with a not-entirely-novel concept, live streaming service YouNow is blowing up. Last year, the site -- where viewers go to watch regular people live their lives on camera in real time -- ballooned from less than 10 million monthly visitors to more than 100 million. Meanwhile, “More than 35,000 hours of live video are now streamed on the service each day, and more than a million dollars in tips flow through its platform each month,” The Verge reports.
  • Gun Shop PSA Shows Customers Guns Used In Murders; Hidden Camera Shows React
    State United to Prevent Gun Violence and its agency, Grey New York, created a pop-up gun store on the lower East Side of New York. When customers came in, they heard about the features of the gun -- and then the grisly history of murder behind each one, including a gun used at Sandy Hook. The hidden camera caught the surprised, and chastened, response of the would-be customers.
  • Look For News About NYT Now 2.0, Coming Soon
    The New York Times wishes its mobile offering, NYT Now, was much more successful -- the CEO has admitted as much. In an interview with Advertising Age, its lead editor, Clifford Levy, says the Times is still looking for the best way to monetize it, but says big news about the app is coming very, very soon.
  • HBO, Showtime, Sony Want An Out On Data Caps
    According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, HBO and Showtime want relief from Internet data caps.
  • How About Proof That Your Advertising Worked?
    Digital advertising enables marketers to target audiences more effectively than ever before. But advertisers want to know something else: Did the ad move product?
  • Sony's Vue Is REALLY Intended As A Cable Alternative
    It offers enough channels, for enough money per month, that it squarely challenges consumers to drop cable or satellite service. But it has gaps, too
  • Why Some Of The New Disruptors Aren't Quite Baked
    Apple's new, rumored service and the new PlayStation Vue might be terrific but Vue is too expensive and Apple TV's new "skinny cable" service misses the big part of the market that doesn't use Apple products. Cable TV will survive both, says Steve Donohue.
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