• Should You Store All Of Your Video Online?
    Companies are looking into handling all of a video maker's project files.  ShutterstockGoPro, andYouTube are all offering online video editing. The goal is to allow you to edit on one machine and easily pick up the project on another machine anywhere in the world. A tutorial
  • Amazon Wins The Battle For 'Top Gear' Trio
    Amazon Prime bested Netflix to get three principles involved with the British series "Top Gear" to create a car-oriented reality show
  • Hulu Offers Free Trial Of New Showtime Add-On
    CBS-owned Showtimes is offering a package deal for Hulu customers and Hulu is offering a free trial to hype it
  • Verizon Wireless Offering HBO Now, No Strings Attached
    Now you can get  HBO Now, through Verizon Wireless. No pay-TV provider, digital distributor or fixed-line broadband subscription required.
  • Just Can't Say How Popular Netflix Is
     Netflix’s Ted Sarandos stayed mum on the streamer’s viewership numbers, but says "Orange Is The New Black" Orange Is the New Black is the most popular original it has. The company’s chief creative officer made those comments during his executive session at Netflix’s Television Critics Association presentation at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday.
  • There Really Should Be A Law.. . .
    A robot "sings" a dissonant, non-vocal version of the song "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. Artist, hacker, and DJ Martin Backes created the automated machine that croons through a selection of ballads from the 1990s one after another. O.....M....G.. 
  • Some Digital Publishers Are Wary Of Ad Tech
    But why?  Some of the publishers in question say they are learning from what they see are mistakes made by traditional publishers, who over the past few years started handling off lots of unsold ad space to third parties, only to see pricing take a hit.
  • YouTube Goes Vertical
    Horizontal videos are a non-starter on mobile. YouTube got the message.
  • Amazon Adds Starz App For Encore
    Available for both the Fire TV box and Fire TV Stick, the app offers more than 1,300 monthly selections. It joins other TV everywhere apps available on the platform, including the Starz Play app, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and WatchESPN, among others.
  • 30 Creatives To Watch, Says VideoInk
    With a shout out to Collective Digital Studio's Rhett and Link and many more. 
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