• Prediction for 2014: This Year, Hulu Really Will Be Sold
    Don't be surprised if DirecTV offers less than the  $1 billion it offered once before. The satcaster knows that Hulu now needs it more than it needs Hulu.
  • Netflix Throws Out Its Poison Pill Ahead of Schedule
    Netflix has lifted poison pill measure to thwart an unwanted takeover two years before it was due to expire on its own.  It was devised to stop Carl Icahn, who now owns 4.5% of the company.   
  • Top Ad Execs Name Their Favorite/Least Favorite Ads for 2013
    Some stinging commentary and sharp observations make this a better-than-average listicle. 
  • Endemol, FremantleMedia Create Video Networks
    Endemol, producer behind "Big Brother" has created Endemol Beyond, an online-video network like Full screen. It hired former Maker Studios exec Will Keenan to become president of Endemol Beyond USA, reports Ad Age.  Also, FremantleMedia, which produces "America Idol," will debut the British production company's first new digital series since its North American division launched a digital production business in September. Lower production costs, younger viewers favoring online video and advertisers eager for TV-quality content explain the digital push.
  • Some Well-Known Movies Exiting Netflix as of 2014
    Desperate to see "Desperado"? Some well-known films will be exiting from the Netflix library at the end of the year. Here's a list.  
  • Kaspersky Labs Says Lots of Viruses Lurking in Video Game Software
    Kaspersky Lab says video game software have become a fertile attack spot for viruses over the years. It identified 11.7 million attacks on gamers in 2013
  • BBC Plans to Compete with Netflix, iTunes, with Its Own Online Video Service
    The BBC is planning to charge up to £5 for its hit programs as it takes on Netflix and iTunes. It's testing a new BBC Store.  
  • Can Netflix Keep Momentum Going in 2014?
    In a video piece, Bloomberg's Paul Sweeney talks about the chances Netflix can keep rising ever higher, and concludes international growth will be key.  
  • Online Video Won't Have Arrived Until It Has Its Own Blooper Reel
    Until then, here's a "best of" bad, embarrassing moments from TV newscasts in 2013.
  • Adweek's Five Best Moments in Web Video This Year
    Adweek says, "We picked five moments that stood out in the annals of digital video this year--we think you'll agree they were all pretty impressive." Okay. Pretty impressive.
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