• Adweek's Five Best Moments in Web Video This Year
    Adweek says, "We picked five moments that stood out in the annals of digital video this year--we think you'll agree they were all pretty impressive." Okay. Pretty impressive.
  • Guess What? No One Is Reading Your Tweets
    Jon Bruner, a data journalist working for O’Reilly Radar surveyed Twitter accounts and discovered "the median Twitter account has a single follower."  
  • Mushy Drone Christmas Video
    See? Drones not all bad.
  • Santa Claus IS Coming to Town: Follow Him Online Via Norad Tracker
    This year, NORADSanta.org features a calendar of interactive games, a library of reading materials, holiday music and videos featuring Santa’s journey across the globe.
  • KFC Testing New Personalized Ad Format in UK
    KFC is the first to test an online advertising format that allows it to create personalized video promotions that change according to location, the weather and shopper behavior.
  • Tips On How to Make Chromecast More Complicated
    It wouldn't be the holidays if you weren't swearing at technology. Gigaom's tips on how to get more out of the simple gift-given Chromecast dongle seems to be a good way to put Christ! back in Christmas. 
  • 20% Stock Bump for Google in 2014?
    As of December 21th, Google's stock was trading at $1100.62. This analysis says that based on performance estimates it has a forward evaluation of $1296.80.
  • Regardless Of Age, Most Watch Online Video for TV Shows
    Interesting charticle shows that in every age category, the type of video consumers tilt toward are television shows, not original or user generated content.
  • Curious Minds' Swartz Explains RTB Outlook
    Ashley Swartz, founder of Curious Minds, explains the known universe of RTB in a short video
  • Video Ad Views More Than Doubled November to November
    In November, according to comScore's numbers, 189.2 million Americans watched 47.1 billion online content videos while the number of video ad views totaled 26.8 billion. Last year, in the same month, video ad views were just 10.5 billion, from 182 million Internet users who watched 40 billion content videos.   
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