• Sounds Logical, But Targeting Political Ads Isn't So Easy
    Political campaigns talk a lot about using online advertising to hit specific candidates' districts and/or issues, it's not as easy to pull off, many find
  • Warner Bros., Sony Launching Streaming Service in SE Asia
    Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Television are teaming up with Singapore’s Singtel to launch a streaming video service in South East Asia.The companies have formed HOOQ to offer more than 10,000 Hollywood films and TV shows, as well as local-language content via streams or downloads on a variety of platforms.
  • How Media Is Trying To Get New In A Hurry
    With the knowledge that getting younger is now a matter of survival, some of the biggest news channels, print outlets, and digital news sites have developed their own networks and features to attract new audiences who might not be consuming traditional media.
  • Hopper, Backwards: Dish Service Allows Replay To Skip Super Bowl, Only Show Ads
    All those football haters who only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials have a new ally: Dish Network. The company’s Hopper DVR has an “AutoHop” feature that is normally used to help viewers skip through ads and only watch the programming. The reverse version will cut out the content (the game) when it's replayed and just show the ads. 
  • Imgur Introduces Tool Making Animated GIFs From Videos Easier
    Image-hosting platform Imgur is introducing a new tool today that makes it easier to create animated GIFs from almost any online video. Founded in 2009, Imgur has amassed a solid fanbase over the past six years, now claiming 130 million unique visitors each month and 1.5 million images uploaded each day. It’s more than a simple photo-sharing platform though, as the community discusses, curates, votes, and comments the content into a sort of real-time stream of image-based stories.
  • No On Time Guarantee: Comcast/TWC Extend Merger Deadline
    The companies had initially told the SEC they thought the deal would be completed by the end of 2014 —actually by Feb. 12, 2015, a year from the deal's announcement— but the agreement also anticipated that an extension might be necessary. 
  • How Facebook Is Trying To Unlock The Money In Online Video
    In less than one month (between November and December 2014), “The Waiting Game,” a video produced for the Kate Spade clothing line, reached over 9.9 million people and garnered over 49,000 likes, comments and shares on Facebook. It's an example--possibly the best example--of that social media site's push into oniine video advertising.
  • When Will Apple TV Really Get In The Game
    Apple TV hasn't changed in years, but apparently five million more of them sold last year, for a total of 25 million. Now, with Roku, Amazon and Chromecast, there's plenty of competition. When will it make an Apple-like move in the connected TV space?  
  • Netflix Big Data Really May Just Be Ted Sarandos
    A New Yorker valentine to Netflix suggests the special algorithm behind its hits isn't one at all: It's the chief content officer's ability to sniff out a hit.
  • GoDaddy Pulls Its Super Bowl Ad, Maybe Because It's Horrible
    Talk about a tin ear! GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad featuring a lost puppy who valiantly finds his way back home, but with an ugly twist, has been pulled. It is hard to believe GoDaddy had not anticipated the revulsion it discovered after the commercial debuted on the "Today" show. It has another ad ready to go, making a cynic (but not this AdAge article) wonder if this bad press was planned in some warped attempt at earned media exposure. Well, it's getting it. 
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