• Disney Enlists Maker Studios To Promote Next "Star Wars"
    Disney is enlisting Maker Studios to help promote the next “Star Wars” movie. To do so, the video network -- which Disney bought for about $1 billion -- will produce “short-form shows about everything from ‘Star Wars’ fashion to games,” Bloomberg reports. “Maker … has secured sponsors to help fund the shows.” The next Star Wars movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is scheduled to hit theaters near the end of 2015. 
  • Like Sony, A News Org May Have Been Hacked Too, Leaked FBI Report Says
    According to an FBI bulletin obtained by The Intercept, the same hackers who broke into Sony Pictures and stole a devastating amount of data made threats against a domestic news organization, too and Gizmodo thinks it's CNN. The bulletin also says there's more to come. 
  • Something Else To Do Tonight: Netflix Titles That Will Vanish After Jan. 1
    A lot of these movies are only leaving temporarily, but for the big online movie service, it's out with the old and in with the new (which are often old, too). But you have only until midnight on Jan. 1 (Thursday night) to watch a pretty big list of features  
  • Google's We-Are-What-We-Search-For Year End Report
    Google's year-end presentation of what its users searched for online, which may take the record as "Most eagerly-opened document that proved our lack of focus with its own lack of focus."
  • Here's How Sony Should Have Capitalized on "The Interview"
    The Diffusion Group's Joel Espelien concludes that given all the earned media from "The Interview," it's failed as an online event, and it leads him to the "fundamental problem" of transactional VOD: "All of the risk is on the viewer. In the theatrical case, by contrast, I would argue that the ‘cost’ of a bad movie is paradoxically less. After all, you still get a night out and the opportunity to skewer the movie with your viewing companions."  
  • A Most Unexcited (But Pretty Funny) Preview of CES
    Credit Re/Code's Lauren Goode for a wry loathing&loathing advance look the big CES show starting in a few days. "Put it this way: For us tech folks, it has become the equivalent of a high-school reunion. You’d rather have a more intimate outing with the people who actually matter to you..."
  • Virool Launches Distribution Platform To Spread Facebook Ads
    Virool, a video distribution platform for marketers, has launched a distribution product designed specifically for video marketing on the Facebook platform.
  • Hackers Say They've Released Playstation, Xbox Credit Card Info
    A group claiming affiliation with hackers, Anonymous, say they’ve released personal information including credit card numbers for customers of Amazon, Sony PlayStation, XBox Live and more companies.
  • "The Interview" Now On iTunes Too
    The controversial film that was canceled and then rescheduled by Sony, debuted in about 300 theaters and is available to download from several sources, but iTunes was among the last.
  • 'The Interview' Online Illegally Downloaded 900,000 Times In First Day
    Shortly after Sony Pictures Entertainment released “The Interview” on digital services Dec. 24, high-quality copies of the movie turned up on multiple piracy sites — and in less than 24 hours, it had already been downloaded by about 900,000 torrent users worldwide.
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