• Facebook Intros 'Slideshow' Ads To Grab Local Ads
    Instead of having to make a full-fledged commercial, the new Facebook Slideshow allows businesses (especially local ones, with small budgets ) to string together a series of photos into a video ad. 
  • Maker Studio Makes Eight, For Verizon's Go90
    Maker Studio is producing eight exclusive series for Verizon's mobile-first Go90 service, including "Star Wars" and Marvel-themed programs.
  • Twitter TV Ad May Baffle Non-Tweeters
    Unless you already have Twitter, you may not fully understand the new Twitter commercial playing during the World Series telecasts.
  • And Walter Mossberg Likes Apple TV, Too
    The influential gizmo tester test drives the new Apple TV box and says it has some flaws, but...
  • 'The New York Times' Likes Apple TV
    A critique of the new Apple TV box says, though it's expensive, it has good whistles and bells.
  • Strangest Communist Party Video You've Ever Seen
    Every five years, the Chinese Communist Party unveils a new set of social and economic policies. Here's a ridiculously bouncy (and English-language) animated, musical video for version 13. Not to be missed.
  • Will Facebook Rob Traffic From Websites?
    Facebook rolled out Instant Articles to all iPhone users last Tuesday, allowing media companies to publish content directly to the social network instead of driving users back to their own properties.  The launch raises questions about the future of links across Facebook, and whether the company will begin to change the way it directs traffic to websites outside of its service, the Wall Street Journal's CMO Today asks. 
  • John Green's YouTube Red Ambivalence
    Yes, it will provide more revenue to creators, the Vlogbrother says. But Green, something of YouTube's best-known thinker, also worries Red might create two classes of YouTube, and fears the audience will lose their passion for the vloggers they follow. (Most of the early comments on his post seem to be anti-Red.)
  • Snapchat Gets 4B Vid Views Daily, Just Like Facebook
    An International Business Times report indicates that Snapchat gets an overall total of four billion video views a day. That matches the same number as Facebook's recent video service numbers, up from three billion earlier this year.
  • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Calls For More Women In Tech
    The industry needs "a Sputnik moment" to get more women into the tech workforce, where they make up only 26% of the field. That unbalanced percentage should be a "wake-up call," she says. Wojcicki thinks the United States should offer computer science class to every student and eventually make it mandatory.
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