• A Sampler: 50 Works of Exciting Video Art
    Many video artists aren’t comfortable offering to the general public, preferring sending DVDs to a few collectors and museums.
  • Lots of "Print" Web Sites Turning to Online Video for Ads
    Borrell Associates says digital video advertising is up 29%  with newspapers and TV stations each poised to bring in between $475 million to $500 million in digital video revenue.
  • Is Pre-Roll Protected by Patent? Appeals Court Wants a New Look
    The U.S. Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit last week reversed a lower court's decision that said Ultramercial Inc.'s patent for showing an ad before a piece of online content was invalid.
  • Despite the Hoopla, Not All Are Happy About Instagram Videos
    Many critics say that video takes away from Instagram's popular element by "bogging down" the photo stream.
  • Maybe Cannes Ad Fest Needs a New Category for Long, Online Video Entries
    By winning five separate Grands Prix awards, Metro Rail's "Dumb Ways To Die" online video ad from Australia has been the star of Cannes Film Lions competition. What about those ordinary-length TV ads?
  • Instagram Video Seems to Be an Instant Hit
    Instagram’s newly-released video feature received a warm welcome from its users as the online photo and video sharing platform hit the 5 million video mark in its initial 24 hours,
  • ChiTribune, NYTimes Forging Ahead with Online Video
    Newsrooms are rethinking workflows and job descriptions, hiring production assistants, passing out iPhones and encouraging everyone to grab video.
  • Vine Vs. Instagram: More Than Six of One, 15 of Another?
    The Washington Post ticks off the differences, including the startling opinion that in 15-seconds, a viewer could get way too bored.
  • Microsoft Hears Angry Customers, Skins Back Its New XBox Rules
    It's dropping regular online authenticity checks required to play video games offline and restrictions on what players can do with games after purchase, because consumers howled..
  • More Video, Yahoo's Mayer Pledges as Her One-Year Anniversary Nears
    "We're working on various methods in terms of how we can increase our video views, and watching," CEO Marissa Mayer said at the Reuters Global Technology Summit
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