• Fiat's Funny "Environmentally Sexy" Online Ads a Soft, Hot Sell
    New ads try to turn green red hot
  • Kevin Systrom Introduces the New 15-Second Long Instagram
    AllThingD's Kara Swisher reports, as Facebook-owned Instagram's founder Kevin Systrom introduces the new video version of the photo-sharing device. The video-capable Instagram is aimed right at Vine--and with a 15-second capability, it's aimed right at advertisers, too .
  • AOL Video On a Roll in May, Says comScore
    In the space of a month, AOL has increased its unique viewers by 49 percent and jumped into third place the online video content rankings. A month before, it was ninth in the comScore rankings.
  • UK Will Now Officially Measure Downloads On Computers, Mobile, Tablets
    The United Kingdom's  Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, in what it calls a "ground-breaking" development, says Kantar Media will officially measure the number of viewers downloading or streaming TV content not only across computers but also smartphones and tablets.
  • As Internet Viewing Increases, How Long Before ISPs Re-Allocate Bandwidth?
    If Internet access demands continue to increase, and pressure on linear TV revenue continues, access providers will start to look at whether it makes sense to carry less linear TV and allocate bandwidth for Internet access.
  • Deending on How You Count Apple, Netflix Dominate Pay Online Video
    If you're counting downloads, iTunes has 67% share; if you're counting subscription streaming, Netflix has 90% share.
  • Because of Netflix Deal, DreamWorks' TV Revenue Will Double by 2015
    Dreamworks SKG's TV revenue is currently $100 million. By 2015, after its first full year of a deal to provide programming for Netflix, the company told analysts that TV revenues will be $200 million. 
  • 15.8 Billion Ad Views in May, Says New comScore Data
    Over 180 million American consumers watched close to 41 billion online content videos in May, according to a new report by comScore. The number of video ad views hit 15.8 billion, up from 13 billion in April  according to data released last Friday from the comScore Video Metrix.
  • You'll Find Hispanic Viewers On Smartphones
    A study from Centris says in the past month, 62% of Hispanic households watched video on their phone, compared with 52% of all American households.
  • New MTV Studio Set Up Just for Short Video Clips
    Viacom's MTV has set up a new studio to make short online video clips for MTVOther.com and its TV Everywhere apps. The original online content includes such shows as "Rock Stories," "Late Night Munchies" and "Inside Joke," with episodes running less than five minutes.
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