MTV's Tr3s Pushes New Lineup, Multigenerational Viewing

Network MTV Tr3s wants to carve out more of its own identity by swapping parts of its moniker. The Hispanic-targeted network, seen in 39 million homes, is focusing on the "Tr3s," and making its official name Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más (Music and More.)

While 70% of the net's programming is in the broader music genre targeting bilingual 12 -to-34-year-olds, it is looking to tap into multi-generational viewing in Hispanic homes -- in this case, parents with teens. The aim is "to really maximize co-viewing patterns," said José Tillán, general manager and executive vice president.

As a result, back-to-back reruns of "The George Lopez Show" will be stripped in prime time on weeknights as the network launches a new lineup July 12. MTV Networks (MTVN) sibling Nick at Nite airs the series, and Tr3s worked with it to gain its own access.



It is just one of several shows where Tr3s used its MTVN relationships to gather rights. Re-airs of Nickelodeon shows "Drake & Josh" and "The Brothers Garcia" are coming in daytime. The channel will also continue with off-net airings of "Mind of Mencia" from Comedy Central.

TR3s is entering the wrestling genre with "Lucha Libre: USA Masked Warriors," which features Mexican wrestlers, which MTV2 will also carry.

Prime-time novelas include "Juegos Prohibidos" (Prohibited Games)," which will air a traditional 120 episodes, while "Niñas Mal" (Bad Girls) will have a scaled-down 70.

Grappling with issues such as whether a show should be in Spanish or English, general manager Tillán said audience research kept showing viewers saying "be authentic." So a "Lopez" will be in English, but a novela will air in Spanish.

The 47 million Hispanics in the U.S. tend to skew younger than the general population. The 31 million Mexicans here have a median age of 25, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. The network believes its multigenerational viewing will include some younger families, which could boost its appeal to marketers.

Within Tr3s' 39 million-home reach are 7.4 million Hispanic homes, 58% of that universe.

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