Samsung, Bravo Pitch 'Live' Participation

Continuing its massive push behind its Galaxy products, Samsung is backing a new companion-viewing opportunity from Bravo. The marketer will use the “Play Live” offering as yet another venue to plug its Galaxy Note II.

“Play Live” launches Monday with Bravo's “Watch What Happens Live,” with plans to extend it to other network shows.

Participation is available at a Bravo microsite, accessible via smartphones, tablets, desktops and a Bravo app. It’s similar to what many networks have been doing, giving viewers a chance to participate in polls (with live results shown) and interact with one another.

Access is available via a URL.

When “Play Now” moves to two other Bravo franchises, questions might include: “Which chef would you choose to cook dinner for you?” (“Top Chef”) or “Who will bring the most drama this season -- the Housewives...or their husbands!” (“Real Housewives”).

Networks are launching companion-viewing platforms to take advantage of consumer behavior that has many watching TV with a mobile device in hand. It can generate viewer engagement, while offering new advertising platforms. Some are accessible via apps, but Bravo’s can be used via a URL across multiple devices.

“Watch What Happens Live” is a late-night chat show.



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