Google Adds Quick Links, Quick Views To Mobile Search Results

Google-App-BIn an effort to make mobile search results for users closer to the information they seek, Google has added to its mobile pages some of the deeper links shortcuts that we see in standard Web results. According to the company's Inside Search official blog, as of this week searchers will get a new “quick link” on some results that bring the user into the more commonly referenced details from a site.

Using the film reviews location Rotten Tomatoes as an example, searchers for current top movies will get a link to that reviews site’s main address as well as a subordinate link labeled “In Theaters.” These quick links also have expandable subordinate links, such as specific movie listings, beneath them. The idea is to surface in the initial search results deeper access to specific sections and put them in a format that is especially friendly to a touch interface. Google says these listings will appear on a large number of results.



At the same time, Google is experimenting with a new “Quick View” badge that will appear next to select results. Much like the standard Web site preview pop-up window, this quick view feature will pull into the results page a view of common target location. For instance, the blog uses for the sample search for “poker hands” for that will pop up a quick view of a Wikipedia page listing for that has a common poker hands.

Google is calling this the Quick View experimental project, and it is beginning with mobile-friendly versions of relevant Wikipedia pages for English-language searches. The offering will extend to webmasters' participation in the program over time as well.

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