Android Owners Spending More per Order; Overall Mobile Up

More money is being spent through mobile.

As smartphone and tablet owners become more comfortable buying things from their mobile devices, they’re starting to spend more each time, based on new research.

The average order size for smartphone purchases was $129 last quarter, compared to $109 the quarter before, based on the E-commerce Quarterly from Monetate, which analyzed more than 7 billion online shopping experiences during the last quarter.

Consistent with other studies, researchers found that tablets topped smartphones in purchasing size, with the average tablet order at $153.

And the shopping season was strong.

Topping $2 billion in sales, the study notes that Cyber Monday was the highest grossing online shopping day in history and that one out of every three visits to leading ecommerce websites now comes from a smartphone or tablet. This is an increase from just one in five a year ago.



The interesting finding in this study is that Android owners are spending more than iPhone owners, at least by order size.

While the average order size from iPhones was $126, those from Android devices were $136. In the previous quarter, iPhone orders ($110) were larger than those from Android ($107).

For visits to leading commerce sites, 15% came from tablets and 12% from smartphones.

For visits to websites, more (60%) came from iPhone users than from Android (39%).

This and numerous studies continue to show mobile spending on the rise.

Despite all this growth and mobile spending, mobile commerce accounted for a relatively tiny (4%) portion of holiday ecommerce orders.

It’s only going to get bigger.

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