Britain Invades India (Again)

The British took over India once before and now they're doing it again. Well, sort of. WPP is chatting with Arun Nanda and Ajit Balakrishnan about acquiring their 60% stake in Rediffusion Y&R India. WPP already owns 27% of Rediffusion and this acquisition would up that stake to about 87%. Both parties are calling the talks speculative, but don't all parties in this situation always say that? Of course they do. A deal's not a deal until it's a done deal. 

We like Cleveland-based Brokaw. They've done some nice work over the years. Recently named Ad Age Small Agency of the Year, Brokaw continues to up its game, this time by hiring Renee Alexander, former director of paid, owned, and earned media at Publicis' Rosetta. Alexander will become the agency's digital and social media director and will lead the shop's digital and social media planning. Of the hire, Brokaw CEO Gregg Brokaw said: "Renee has an impressive track record of helping Fortune 100 brands drive online excitement, and more importantly, action. She will play a huge role in leading our interactive team, as well as our growing national client base, as we continue to build the agency of the future." 

Billups, a company which, according to its press release, is "shaking up the [outdoor] space with immense year-over-year growth," has made a hire that has been "compared to Lebron's decision to leave Cleveland for a chance at the championship in Miami." Just how epic is this hire? He is, as the press release bombastically proclaims, "considered a force of nature in the out-of-home advertising space." So just who is this force of nature? Rick Robinson. Yeah, we have no idea either. Neither does Google. Hmm. Not everyone can have great SEO. Which in this case, you know, sort of makes sense, since this is all about one of the oldest, most un-Internet media around. Which, of course, doesn't mean he isn't actually a big deal in the outdoor space. Anyway, he's joining the company as chief strategy officer. It's a "game changer," the press release screams.

Everyone who works in an advertising agency should read this Business Insiderarticle written by Dylan Connell. He gives a layman's description of the advertising business, the type of jobs that make up an ad agency (yeah, it's not just creative like the rest of the world thinks), the fact that it isn't easy and you can't just "decide" to do it, that we don't trick people into buying stuff they don't need or want, and the fact that you aren't going to make much money. Is he right?



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