Viggle Taps Telescope For Real-Time Participation Tech

Viggle this week announced a partnership with Telescope to bring additional real-time participation tech to its app.

Viggle is an app consumers use to “check in” when watching TV or listening to music. They earn points for checking in and spend the points on a variety of awards. They can earn additional points by using the apps real-time participation features, such as quizzes about the show they are watching.

Viggle already has real-time participation features -- and has for a while -- but the partnership with Telescope is meant to polish that aspect of its app. Telescope’s platform will power Viggle’s real-time trivia games that compliments multiple TV shows per day, per a release.

A Viggle spokesperson told RTM Daily that Telescope’s tech allows Viggle to “better support mass-scale participation campaigns, distribute more content, and promote more targeted offers in real-time to better engage with various audiences.”

Another benefit of the Viggle-Telescope partnership is that is allows Viggle to “ostensibly offer third-party networks and brands the ability to offer Viggle Points as a driver of user engagement and behavior,” per the spokesperson.

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