NEW! 72andSunny, Google Commemorate Berlin Wall's Fall

Most stories about the Fall of the Berlin Wall typically center around life before and after the reunification. To commemorate the 25th anniversary, 72andSunny Amsterdam, working in collaboration with the Google Germany team, took a different approach. "We worked with Google to find the best way to tell both a modern and historical story and developed a strategy and creative idea that instead of looking back, focused on what has changed in Germany the last 25 years," says Gregg Clampffer, Creative Director at 72andSunny Amsterdam. "This led us to the idea of a generation that has grown up... in an era of openness." 

The #Deutschland25 interactive platform presents 25 personalities who were born around 1989 and are making a positive impact. There are interviews of the 25 written by well-known journalists on the website, as well as full-page ads in German newspapers. Accompanying some of the stories are films produced by award-winning director Bettina Blümner.

"We weren't looking for people who used Google in their projects," says Clampffer. "Our team of German creatives and planners looked at Germany today to identify generational attitudes and social themes that did not exist 25 years ago... We were trying to find common ideals that these people share with Google."



Among the stories is that of  25-year-old Ninon from Berlin who, along with three fellow students, founded the project "cook outside the box" in which refugees and locals participate in cooking workshops. Another tells the story of Thekla and Pola, two young women from Hamburg who two years ago founded a "library for dresses" where customers can borrow clothes for a monthly fee. 

These stories are designed to serve as an entry point. To spark a conversation, the platform invites a global audience to comment on the values of a new #Deutschland25. The site will be live for one year. 

The initiative is supported with a fully integrated campaign that includes digital media and standard online banners to drive to the online experience; 26 full page ad placements appearing in the print magazine Tagesspiegel, with BILD between October to Nov. 9; activations by international PR via agency Eology in London; and viral outreach that includes getting  football player Mesut Ozil to post about the platform. In addition, Google will link the stories to its contextual calendar.

Google is a client of 72andSunny in Los Angeles. The agency expanded its relationship to begin working with Google in the German, French and UK markets about two years ago.

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