OwnerIQ Taps RSi For In-Store Sales Data, Claims It 'Closes The Loop'

OwnerIQ, a programmatic ad platform for retailers, on Thursday announced it has integrated data from Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi), a point-of-sale analytics firm. The integration adds sales data to OwnerIQ’s pool of targeting and analytics data.

OwnerIQ asserts the partnership will also allow the company to “close the loop” on campaigns, as RSi’s data will enable them to measure digital advertising’s impact on physical sales.

RSi can compare sales at stores that received this kind of ad support with sales at stores that didn’t,” an OwnerIQ representative said to Real-Time Daily.

“Marketers are now able to build their businesses digitally based on local market, real-time sales opportunities by store,” stated RSi general manager of digital services, Michael Quinn. “By leveraging daily point-of-sale data by store, CPGs can better understand campaign effectiveness, consumer behavior and store response — what’s selling, where and why.”

The OwnerIQ rep added that “the focus here isn’t just mobile, but in targeting prospective customers on cell phones and laptops within a geographic radius of a particular store.”

Measuring digital advertising’s impact on in-store sales is a mountain the ad industry is in the process of climbing. The importance of linking the two was made plain when Oracle acquired Datalogix, a company that specializes in measuring the in-store impact of advertising.

OwnerIQ has been banging the drum of connecting the physical world with digital advertising, too. In addition to the RSi partnership, the company last month teamed with News America Marketing to develop a way for marketers to target shoppers online with coupon offers.

RSi claims to collect daily sales data from over 150,000 store locations across the U.S.

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