Western Union Asks - Does The American Dream Still Exist?

Content that indexes in search engine query results brands a company's image. Sometimes that content has little to do with the services the company offers. It really begins with an idea and belief. Much of that content initially gets posted to YouTube or Facebook.

Take for example a video from Western Union. The company took a photojournalism crew and spent seven days traveling 13,779 miles across the United States to ask people if they believe in the American dream. Some 200 consumers nationwide took part in the survey sharing their opinion on the topic.

"Connecting with customers emotionally tells them you understand their hopes, dreams and aspirations," said Nidhi Gupta, Western Union’s senior marketing manager, Americas. "If we give customers a strong message they will seek out the brand."



The video was produced by the agency Quirk Creative, but the idea was conceptualized in-house based on their understanding of customers.

Most people believe in the premise of the American dream, but that dream changes per individual. Most said it's about family, happiness and being together. That sentiment drove Western Union's campaign. Most said believing in the American dream is different than living it, but living it meant different things to each person.

Overall, those participating in the video said the American dream still thrives. It's evident in the responses from those on Facebook. As a primarily organic social and digital campaign, the interest from Facebook fans initially captured more than a 1700% engagement rate on the social site, between Feb. 17, and June 30, 2015.

During that time, Western Union tallied 735,824 impressions, 714 comments, 839 shares, 18,802 Likes, and 31,112 engaged Facebook users.

The year-long 2015 campaign offers more than $182,500 in aggregate cash prizes redeemed for a down payment for a house, school tuition, family meals and more.  The campaign is intended to honor the research finding that many of Western Union customers live in one part of the U.S., but have families and loved ones in another part of the world.  These people have aspirations and typically value driven, which is the reason for the campaign.

People can submit an entry form without making a money transfer, or those that do are automatically entered when sending money through the system. The amount awarded depends on the specific promotion at the time.

The campaign gives away 48 prizes including three grand prizes. While there's no purchase or transfer necessary to participate, a qualifying online transfer gives the sender a chance to win one of three grand prizes $65,000 toward a down-payment for your next home, $35,000 toward a year of college tuition, $35,000 toward a car, and many other smaller monthly prizes to pay a credit card bill, rent, or a grocery store bill.

So, what's my point? Creating great content only requires an idea, ideology or belief.

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