PushSpring Raises $5M, Enhances Mobile Data

Mobile audience data platform PushSpring announced that their Series A investment round, led by Trilogy Equity Partners, closed today at $5 million.

Founded in 2013 by Karl Stillner, Steve Dossick and Tyler Davidson, PushSpring provides cookie-like data for mobile apps to advertisers. They received $1.5 million in seed funding around this time last year.

PushSpring provides an SDK to developers, which aggregates data about their users and reports it back using anonymous personas like “fitness enthusiasts” or “news junkies.”

Based in Seattle, the company’s web site counts H&M, Toyota, T-Mobile, McDonalds, and others among its advertisers.

Along with the investment from Trilogy, PushSpring will add Cole Brodman to its board of directors. Brodman is a partner at Trilogy Equity Partners LLC and has more than 25 years of experience in telecom, including roles as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile USA.



“PushSpring has built a world-class mobile audience platform with a highly skilled, veteran team in relatively short order and has established value-proven offerings for mobile advertisers and app owners,” says Brodman.

The round of funding proves that interest in new tech is still out there, as critics claim the bullishness investors showed on mobile audience buying in previous years has worn off.

PushSpring’s mobile app data is available for access to agencies and advertisers via: The Trade Desk, Oracle Data Cloud, Lotame, Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, among others. App owners, publishers and partners can work directly with PushSpring.

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