Jumpstart Automotive Group Partners With Alfa Romeo For New Advertising Unit

Jumpstart Automotive Group, an automotive marketing and advertising company, today announced the launch of a new advertising unit. Alfa Romeo is the first auto manufacturer to execute the product.

The product, a brand point-of-view unit, will put brand content on research and review pages of specific car makes and models.

Jumpstart Chief Executive Officer Nick Matarazzo commented that when people are interested in buying a new car, they turn to expert opinions on publications like Car and Driver and visit auto manufacturers’ Web sites.

“We're bridging those actions to give them the information they want and need -- all in one place," he stated.

For example, Alfa Romeo will promote the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia on Car and Driver, one of Jumpstart Automotive Group’s titles. The brand POV unit allows Alfa Romeo to give consumers their point of view on why the consumer should buy the car, right on the specific car’s information page on the Web site.

"It brings the brand's products and stories to life in an exciting, dynamic way," stated Car and Driver Editor in Chief Eddie Alterman.

Alfa Romeo's brand POV unit includes a full, multimedia article with photos and videos. The ad will run on Car and Driver through Dec. 30, 2015. The content is labeled as "provided by" the auto manufacturer.

Matarazzo told Publishers Daily that the product will be available to all of Jumpstart’s publishers to implement, including autoweek.com. He added that Jumpstart has talked to "every auto brand as part of 2016 planning and a number of them have expressed interest" in the product.

In October, Jumpstart Automotive Group, a division of Hearst Magazines, announced a new advertising sales representation agreement with autoweek.com. In exchange for exclusively representing all of autoweek.com's digital advertising inventory, Jumpstart now has access to more than 21 million unique visitors per month.

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