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iCrossing Tries A New Omnichannel Approach To Media

Clients want their agencies to operate in fluid, multidisciplinary teams. That’s hard to achieve for larger holding companies traditionally siloed into distinct arms. Disparate units working toward internal goals often find themselves competing instead of collaborating to meet client KPIs. Hearst-owned marketing agency iCrossing is challenging this model with a new structure that promotes omnichannel planning. Originally a search agency, iCrossing began working across channels to offer a full set of marketing services for clients. Now it’s integrating those services across the agency. Of his approach to flattening the siloes, Mike Racic, iCrossing’s president of media operations, told AdExchanger: "We don’t have a trading desk or believe in the arbitrage model. We are fully transparent. We get paid to drive marketing outcomes that pivot to a business outcome. Why am I talking about CPMs and click-throughs? You know what they are before you start and they won’t change [more than plus or minus 10%]. Clients want to know: Do you understand my business, and can you help me drive it?"



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