LinkedIn Releases Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn unveiled a new advertising solution on its social media platform on Wednesday, announcing the general availability of Sponsored InMail.

Sponsored InMail is a self-service marketing solution that helps digital marketers engage with target audiences on LinkedIn with personalized messages that render on mobile or desktop.

Sponsored InMail is similar to email marketing in many ways, except for the ultimate receptacle. Like email, Sponsored InMail is a written promotional message, but it delivers through LinkedIn messenger. If any LinkedIn users have their email notifications turned on, however, they will also receive the message through their email inbox.

An added benefit is Sponsored InMail’s real-time delivery, meaning that messages deliver only when the targeted recipient is actually active on LinkedIn.

Marketers can A/B test subject lines and content to promote higher engagement rates as well as personalize their messaging to specific group segments. Sponsored InMail joins LinkedIn’s platform of alternative self-service digital marketing products, including Sponsored Content and Text Ads, and is accessible via the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

“The ability to send Sponsored InMails from credible, relevant senders has definitely contributed to the success of our campaigns,” states Richard McNeal, digital marketing administrator of George Fox’s University programs and a pilot program participant of LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail. “When comparing Sponsored InMail to other email marketing campaigns, the open rates are astounding. These are some of the most impressive statistics we’ve seen anywhere.”

Microsoft announced plans to acquire LinkedIn in June for $26.2 billion. 

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