Extends Mobile Geo-Fencing Solution With Event Targeting Feature, a provider of localized programmatic services, on Tuesday launched Event Targeting, a temporal geo-targeting solution. Event Targeting will enable to extend its geo-fencing capabilities, and offer advertisers the ability to target ads to prospects based on their visit to a particular location during a specific, scheduled timeframe.

The company said the Event Targeting feature uses programmatic advertising to deliver ads to users who have attended an event or set of events at specified locations, dates, and time. When a prospect enters a pre-defined, geo-fenced location during a set timeframe, they become a part of an audience that can be targeted both during the event and for up to 30 days afterwards. said it has more than 8,000 live geo-fencing campaigns that target over 200,000 individual geo-fenced locations. The event targeting feature will enable marketers to target unique audiences that gather for business, sporting, entertainment, and other events. It can precisely target venues using custom maps drawn using’s user interface and even target down to the hour. offered the example of a concert promoter that wants to increase ticket sales to country music fans. The promoter can use Event Targeting to create a geo-fence around the concert venue or a competitor’s location during the hours of relevant concerts. The promoter can then deliver ads to that audience promoting that venue’s next country music show.

“Event Targeting is a smart use of location-based programmatic technology because marketers know where their prospects will be at given times,” stated Frost Prioleau, CEO of

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