Tips For Cannes

First of all, remember to pace yourself. It’s going to be a long but fun week.

I know it’s late in the game to be bringing this up, but hopefully you’ve selected a decent airline. Meaning Air France or British Airways or some other airline that won’t kick the sh*t out of you if they’re overbooked and randomly decide to kick you off your flight.

Also, if you get a chance to upgrade to business or first class, by all means do it.

Yes, I know times are lean and companies are trying to save a dollar wherever they can, even it means you sitting upright in a coach seat for nine, 10 or 11 hours — at the risk of getting a blood clot that kills you.

That’s right, get a sleeper seat that folds out like a bed (kinda) and take a pill and get a good night’s sleep on the way over. That way, you’ll know which way you’re coming or going once you land.

Go online and check out the official Cannes Lion events schedule. There’s so much to choose from it will make your head spin. Cherry-pick, based on your interests. If your company has given you marching orders in advance as to what to attend, well, unlucky you, I guess. 



If those sessions really look like losers, be your creative self and make up a story that prevents your attendance. Be wary of sponsored events, especially agency-sponsored events that feature their clients. They can be mind-numbingly boring!

And if you go to the beach, don’t gawk at the topless women. That’s how they do it over there—no nudist colony required! Pretend to be a little sophisticated, like you see topless women all the time. Right now, the weather looks like it’s going to be spectacular for the duration of the festival—80 (give or take) and sunny the entire week. So bring a cool sun hat, shades and lots of sunscreen.

Don’t go all gaga when you see celebrities. I mean Sir Martin has enough on his plate without having to pause and scrawl yet another signature on a Gutter Bar napkin for a groupie like you.

And bring your appetite. There are more Michelin-rated restaurants (past and present) in the region then you can shake a fist at. Plus other awesomely fantastic eateries as well. Just google them.

If you’re up for an award, good luck. And most importantly, revel in the experience!



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