Vegas Caesars Palace Offers Emperor-Like Experience

Las Vegas' Caesars Palace and its agency i.d.e.a. are attempting to expand the resort's appeal to a younger generation with the #LikeACaesar campaign. It shows the resort's array of amenities through the lens of the fictional 'Caesar' character.

"Who doesn’t want to live Like a Caesar?" jokes an agency spokesperson, adding the film shoot took place at more than 14 different locations. 

The video is designed for multiscreen and multiplatform viewing by being short and simple with strong visuals and can be enjoyed without music or a voiceover. The film is also designed to have a stronger storyline; it attempts to form an emotional connection to the audience more so than a typical TV spot, says the spokesperson. 

In addition, this digital-first experience encourages online engagement and viral distribution by linking to a branded webpage designed specifically for this campaign.

The site invites viewers to watch the video, book themed hotel packages, view behind the scenes imagery, and see what guests are experiencing on property through a social media live feed.



The video also resides on the Caesars Palace YouTube playlist and will run through various digital channels. 

The strategy is designed to reach a slightly younger demographic of adults, 30-50, who know and appreciate the iconic Caesars brand, but may not be aware of its latest entertainment, dining and nightlife offerings. The work emphasizes "engagement, awareness and inclusion," says the spokesperson.

"It is intended to welcome guests and viewers to share our story along with their content in a personalized way."

This is the agency's first campaign for Caesar's Palace. 

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