PostUp Offers Browser Push Feature For Publishers

PostUp, an email and audience development company, has introduced browser push functionality to its technology platform.

This will enable publishers to engage visitors directly, without forcing them to sign up for emails or download an application, the company says. In addition, they can drive this traffic back to their sites and generate ad- or paid-subscription revenue.

The goal is to provide publishers with a “new channel to grow and reach their known audience while collecting valuable first party data,” states Tony D’Anna, CEO of PostUp. 

He adds that this is needed in “an industry where declining programmatic ad revenue, platforms, and ad blockers continue to cut into publisher revenue.”

A browser push notification is “functionally identical to app notifications: they appear on your home screen and buzz your pocket,” adds Keith Sibson, VP of Product and Marketing at PostUp. “But they don’t require an app download, or even that the publisher have an app at all.”



Post-Up claims that the new service will enable publishers to:

Grow their direct audiences, with an easier opt-in than app downloads or email.

  • Reach audiences without the technical demands of app development. 
  • Keep readers engaged by placing their content where they are likely to see it.

Drive traffic through publisher-owned channels and less through platforms.


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