ALC Work:Life Data To Be Added To Data Marketplace

ALC is partnering with to make its Work:Life B2B data more accessible to SMB sales and marketing professionals.

The company will contribute its Work:Life contact data to the mmojo Data Marketplace, bringing the total count to around 80 million U.S. business contacts. ALC data includes “segmentation attributes, and concurrent home and business information with the Work:Life audience,” states Fran Green, president of ALC Smart Data Solutions.

Green adds that other ALC audiences will be added to the mmojo Data Marketplace over time.

“High-quality business contacts are the all-important ‘end game’ of any B2B marketing strategy,” states Hank Weghorst, founder and managing partner.

He adds that the mmoji application allows users to perform company targeting and specify the “types of contacts you are looking for within those companies.”


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