More Bundled IoT Services Coming In 2019: Forrester

The idea of a truly ‘smart’ home as an integrated system is failing in the marketplace.

That is among one of the many 2019 predictions relating to technology by Forrester.

As smart home device adoption grows, consumers tend to focus on purchasing one connected device at a time. The inter-connected value in the devices is too narrow, so smart home devices do not seamlessly work together, according to Forrester.

In 2019, major entities, such as grocery and food companies, utilities and insurance companies, will take a different approach with ongoing services enabled by smart devices, according to the predictions. Forrester suggests that such entities will move to subscription services like Verizon’s automobile service Hum, which ties together maintenance monitoring, roadside assistance and driver monitoring using in-car devices for a $20 monthly fee.

The year will bring more bundled services to catalyze the consumer Internet of Things market, according to Forrester.

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