Adelphic Adds Audio To Programmatic Inventory

Adelphic, a subscription-based demand-side platform (DSP) owned by Viant and its parent company Meredith Corp., is adding audio to its programmatic advertising integrations.

TuneIn, TargetSpot and other international inventory is now available to buy programmatically, through the company’s strategic integration with Rubicon Project.

Adelphic launched as a mobile-first DSP with an emphasis on display ads, but has since shifted to embrace all types of formats, devices and channels.

The addition of programmatic audio to that inventory furthers that goal. The audio inventory spans 216 countries, and there are over 1,000 privater audio marketplaces available through the DSP.

“Not only does programmatic audio round out advertisers’ larger omnichannel campaign efforts, but it brings needed innovation to brand’s local and regional advertising efforts,” says Alex Perrin, vice president, programmatic strategy at Adelphic.



“Traditionally, marketers and advertisers relied on local radio and niche digital strategies. We’re excited to offer tools delivering highly personalized real-time targeting and bid management capabilities effective for any campaign,” he added.

Adelphic also provides measurement that examines the exposure and impact of ads bought through its platform.

Audio, which tends to feature non-skippable ads that aren’t blocked by ad blockers, has become a hot platform for marketers in recent years. The expansion of programmatic audio expands that business.

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