Google Appoints Prabhakar Raghavan To Lead Search In Executive Shuffle

Prabhakar Raghavan, who headed Google’s advertising and commerce products, will move into the role of head of search, replacing Ben Gomes, who will take a different role at the company.

Gomes ran Google's core Search business since 2018. He will now focus on other areas such as education, but will remain a product and technical adviser on Search.

The changes bring Google Search, Assistant and Ads executives together under Raghavan as the new head of Search.

The head of Google Maps, Jen Fitzpatrick, will now oversee the core and corporate engineering teams.

Jerry Dischler, who has been working with the company’s advertising arm, becomes the head of Google Ads.

The significant changes come during a time of uncertainty.

Raghavan will report to Alphabet CEO and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Dischler and Bill Ready, who leads Commerce, will continue to report to Raghavan. 



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