Consumers Want More Online Convenience Post-Pandemic, Study Finds

Consumers want faster delivery, added convenience and more interactive live events as the COVID-19 pandemic eases, judging by a new study from Software AG. 

Of those surveyed, 55% want better in-person experiences. And 34% have greater expectations of fast online retail delivery than they did a year ago — in fact, 70% will choose a retailer based solely on delivery speed. 

Among consumers who attend large-scale, in-person events, 76% would like to see at least one of the following implemented: 

  • Mobile enabled ticketing/check-in — 49%
  • Mobile-enabled payment — 38%
  • Wait estimates/crowd management alerts (restroom, concierge lines, merchandise, entry point, etc. — 38%

Concierge experience from their seat (mobile-enabled ordering for food/beverage) — 34%



Mobile-enabled interactive activities (contests, polling, voting, etc. — 27%

In addition, 73% believe their restaurant experiences — whether dining or takeout — should be  enhanced with a mobile component, and 72% plan to use at least one of these services after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted: 

  • Mobile-enabled ordering — 54% 
  • Mobile-enabled payment — 38%
  • Mobile-enabled reservations/booking — 38%

Also, consumers who use online grocery ordering, 84% will maintain or increase their patronage after restrictions are lifted. 

Moreover, 80% of shoppers use a store’s Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store option (BOPIS) will continue to do so after COVID-19 safety restrictions are lifted.  

“Now that consumers know what is possible, they not only expect the enhancements and conveniences they see today, but they want more,” states Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG.

Brahmawar adds: “Integration, IoT and business transformation software make this all possible, whether it’s expediting supply-chain processes for delivery, incorporating smart sensors to manage lines and crowds, or integrating physical and digital channels for seamless touchpoints.”

Software AG surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers.





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