RollWorks Enhances Its ABM Platform For B2B Brands

Account-based marketing platform RollWorks has enhanced its platform with features that it says can drive high-growth companies.  

The goal is to help brands "eradicate irrelevant ad spend and focus investment by reaching the exact B2B buying audiences they need for their business," says Randi Barshack, CMO of Rollworks. 

The company has added feature to its Account List Builder that will allow B2B teams to build audiences based on intent topics. It has also added six data sources:

  • Account News — This consists of intelligence related to an account's financial performance, organization structure and changes, and product launches.
  • Website Activity — Page views, unique visitors, URLs visited, and conversions on the account level. 
  • Advertising Activity - -Impressions and clicks
  • Salesforce Activity — Email sends, email opens, phone calls and other activities logged in Salesforce
  • HubSpot Engagement — Engagement logged in Hubspot, including email sends, email opens and phone calls.
  • Marketo activity — Email sends, email opens, phone calls and other engagement.



In another change, RollWorks has renamed its Site Visitor API to Site Traffic Revealer. The company recently enhanced this tool with feature that it claims advance the integration of account-level insight into web content personalization.

RollWorks has also added its Pixel Assistant, a tool to validate a company's Pixel integration, visualize website audiences, and tag conversion pages.

RollWorks is a division of NextRoll.

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