Viral Nation Launches Social Screening AI Platform

As the $16 billion influencer industry continues to grow, with 75% of marketers dedicating a portion of their budget to influencer marketing this year, brands are consistently expanding their net for potential reputational risk through influencers and brand advocates. 

Built for medium-sized to large enterprises and public sector organizations, VN Secure is designed to enable HR and legal teams to screen and monitor social media activity of brand advocates, sponsored influencers, executives and employees, to ensure online behavior is aligned with core values.

According to a company spokesperson, the new platform “has the power to vet an individual’s social media footprint in seconds with enhanced tools to provide a ‘social report card'."



“As if an ongoing pandemic, economic volatility, and recession fears were not challenging enough, leaders of all industries currently face another imminent threat: Thousands of people connected to their organization that could at any given moment create a serious risk to their brand reputation via social media,” said Viral Nation co-founder and CEO Joe Gagliese. 

Gagliese added that the typical processes companies and brands have been using to screen social media are often inconsistent, expensive, time-consuming, and highly susceptible to unconscious bias -- “because this challenge for organizations is so new, the technologies that currently exist barely scratch the surface of what’s necessary,” he said. 

Considering specific and varied brand guidelines, the VN Secure platform offers customizable social media background checks so users can adjust tolerance levels and flagging criteria for profanity, intolerance and hate speech, violence, graphic or sexually suggestive content, illegal or regulated substances, specific industry regulations and more. 

VN Secure goes back to a user’s first social media post across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Google News, and Twitter, featuring AI-powered analyses of all social media text, images, transcribed video, tagged posts and comments.

Phrases and sentences that involve extreme threats, bullying, and self harm can also be detected in real time. A built-in moderation feature is also meant to automatically flag and delete language posted on any public social media page that goes against custom tolerances.

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