With New Tabitha Brown Collection, Target Gets A Taste For Veganism

Target is introducing a new collaboration -- its third -- with mega-food influencer Tabitha Brown. And while its earlier collections focused more on lifestyle, including apparel and home décor, the new Tabitha Brown For Target line is all about food.

The collection ranges in price from $2.99-$90, with most items under $10. There are vegan dips, spreads, soups, sauces and snacks, along with refrigerated plant-based proteins like sausages and patties.

There’s also plenty of tableware, all with Brown’s signature sunny and upbeat vibe.

Brown’s superstar status at Target is due to her large following on social media, especially TikTok and Instagram. Her fun affirmations are as much a part of her videos as the easy-to-follow recipes. Her following is now around 5 million, and she’s also authored best-selling books, starred in a kids’ YouTube show and made appearances on  TV shows like “The Chi.”



Her appeal is also due to the continued interest in veganism -- or at least diets that include more plants and less meat. Besides Veganuary, an annual challenge encouraging people to go vegan for the entire month of January, millions of people are also pursuing Meatless Mondays and other ways to eat more plants.

The latest Modern Eating report from Hartman Group, experts on food and beverage culture, finds that 1% of Americans currently call themselves vegan and 2% vegetarian. And other studies have found that as many as 10% of Americans say they don’t eat meat.

Hartman says that combining that with the 9% who say they are flexitarians, about 13% of the population currently focused on plant-based eating.

Sales of plant-based meat alternatives, however, have begun to decline. Volume sales of items sold in the refrigerator fell 11.6% in the last year, reports IRI, with sales of frozen items declining

Over the past year, volume sales of refrigerated plant-based meats slid 11.6 percent, with sales of frozen plant-based meats falling just a little.

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