DoorDash Pilots Apple CarPlay Integration

DoorDash and Apple CarPlay are partnering to help drivers -- or “Dashers” --  have a better experience. . 

With Apple CarPlay, drivers can sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s built-in entertainment and information systems, helping drivers use key apps while reducing phone interactions. 

Integrating the Dasher app with Apple CarPlay will allow Dashers to seamlessly show the app’s navigation interface on their car’s built-in screens. This creates a more streamlined and seamless dashing experience, with less time focused on their phone and more time focused on the road.  

“We’re always looking for ways to make dashing even better, even easier, and even more intuitive,” said Austin Haugen, vice president of Dasher and logistics product, in a release.



To use this new integration, Dashers need the Dasher app for iOS and a vehicle that supports CarPlay. Once they connect their phone to their car via Bluetooth or USB (depending on what their car supports), directions displayed in the Dasher app will automatically be shown on their vehicle’s screen. 

The CarPlay integration will be piloted in select markets next week. 

“We anticipate scaling to all Dashers in the coming months, and are exploring adding even more functionality,” per the company.

This latest improvement to the Dasher experience comes on the heels of an update to the way Dashers earn during our inaugural product showcase, Dash Forward, last month. 

It also comes on the heels of an announcement by General Motors that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will not be available in its upcoming electric vehicles. Tesla has never offered Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

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