Summer National TV Ad Revenue Down 2.5%, Fox's MLB Top Program Earner

This past summer -- over the last 90 days -- the top four broadcast channels pulled in a collective $2.74 billion in national TV ad revenue -- down 2.5% from $2.81 billion a year ago, according to estimates from EDO Ad EnGage.

At the same time, impressions of four broadcast networks were up 8% to 318.5 billion.

Top TV networks this summer -- in terms of national TV advertising revenues -- showed CBS ($910.8 million) on top, followed by NBC ($721.8 million) and ABC ($679.4 million).

The Fox Broadcast Network was at $426.5 million, followed by Fox News Channel at $303.9 million and ESPN at $238.3 million.

Over the last ninety days -- starting in June -- CBS also produced the most impressions (at 127.6 billion). ABC was next with 93.5 billion, while NBC  was at 81.0 billion and Fox News Channel had 72.9 billion.



The best-performing cable TV network program has been ESPN’s “SportsCenter” with $72.2 million. The strongest-performing Fox News Channel program is “Hannity” at $35.9 million.

The highest individual revenue-producing show this summer is Fox’s Major League Baseball at $142.3 million, followed by CBS’ PGA Tour Golf ($128.7 million); NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” ($110.5 million); and ABC’s NBA Finals ($104.5 million).

A year ago, ABC’s “2022 NBA Finals” took in $188.3 million in the period, followed by Fox’s MLB Baseball with $162.5 million and CBS’ PGA Tour Golf at $111.7 million.

The year before, ABC was tops with $837.8 million, followed by CBS at $805.2 million, NBC with $701.5 million, Fox at $467.3 million, Fox News Channel with $338.3 million and ESPN with $268.6 million.

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