YouTube Changes Parameters For Specific Monetizable Content

In an update to its advertiser-friendly content guidelines, YouTube is altering the parameters of what types of content creators are able to monetize on the platform, making it more profitable to post clips focused on abortion and adult sexual abuse, while restricting ad revenue from content related to eating disorders. 

“We are allowing Creators to earn more ad revenue on content discussing topics such as abortion and adult sexual abuse,” wrote YouTube in an update to its rules on Tuesday. “This means that content which discusses these topics without going into graphic detail can fully monetize.”

YouTube went on to explain that it is honoring the fact that videos covering these controversial topics “can be a helpful resource to users.” 



“We want to ensure that wherever possible, controversial issues discussed in a non-descriptive and non-graphic way aren’t disincentivized through demonetization,” the company said. 

The company added that it’s “keenly aware” of certain creator communities being penalized for informative content about issues that “disproportionately” impact them. “We hope these changes can give all creators more space to discuss these topics, with eligibility for ad revenue,” YouTube said. 

On the opposite front, YouTube is aligning its advertiser-friendly content guidelines on eating disorders with YouTube Community Guidelines, which the company updated back in April alongside the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) to make content promoting potentially harmful eating habits non-monetizable. 

“Content which focuses on eating disorders and shares triggers like guides around binging, hiding, or hoarding food or abusing laxatives will not receive ad revenue,” the company wrote on Tuesday. “This will ensure such content isn’t incentivized with ads.”

The one exception to YouTube’s rule will be educational or documentary content along with survivor content around eating disorders so long as it doesn’t promote such activities. 

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