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  • What's In A Name? in Marketing Daily on 02/24/2017

    Sometimes changing a name can be a powerful move and sometimes it's a risky proposition.

  • America's Favorite Beer in Marketing Daily on 06/10/2016

    Are you so desperate that you'd throw away billions already invested in the brand - even one at the bottom of the list - and confuse shoppers just to try to co-opt the value of 'patriotism'?

  • 2016's Top New Year's Resolutions  in Marketing Daily on 01/04/2016

    It's been said that a New Year's resolution is bound to be broken. Maybe it's just that people set the bar too high for themselves.

  • Can Trump The Brand Become President Trump? in Marketing: Politics on 11/18/2015

    To answer the question of whether brand Trump can become President Trump we asked 1,350 registered Republicans in the nine U.S. Census Regions to assess Mr. Trump using our emotional engagement questionnaire. Then we compared those results to the Republican Ideal for President.

  • How A 240-Year-Old Brand Celebrates Its Birthday in Marketing Daily on 11/10/2015

    Tomorrow is Veterans Day, a celebration to honor America's veterans. But today belongs to the United States Marines.

  • Can Brand Trump Become President Trump? in Marketing Daily on 09/22/2015

    We're talking real "Human Brand," folks. Not a celebrity only, but an actual human being who represents 100% of the values of the company he represents.

  • Fourteen Trends To Help Re-Create 2014 in Marketing Daily on 12/18/2013

    Here are 14 critical trends to help marketers re-create their own futures in 2014 -- as well as break old habits, embrace new methods of brand engagement, modify brand marketing methodologies, and resolve to create new and more profitable futures for themselves.

  • New Logo Lifts American Airlines' Loyalty in Marketing Daily on 02/01/2013

    American Airlines took more than two years with IPG's FutureBrand to end up with their new logo. According to reports, it all started with a question: "What are the things that are relevant from all over the world about America?" The answer -- "Technology. Entertainment. Progress."

  • HSBC: Rogue's Favorite Money Launderer? in Marketing Daily on 01/04/2013

    HSBC spent years positioning itself as the "worldwide local bank" through a campaign designed to indicate that it understands the subtleties of cultural differences. HSBC also understands the subtleties of -- and apparently, was fully invested in -- money laundering for drug kingpins and terror cells, ignoring U.S. sanctions established against rogue nations.

  • Lucky Thirteen: Trends For 2013 in Marketing Daily on 12/28/2012

    As everyone knows, the number 13 holds great symbolism. For marketers and brand managers who want to look beyond the horizon, we have identified 13 critical trends for 2013.

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  • Super Bowl Advertising: ROI Friend Or Foe? by Ashley Deibert (Marketing: Sports on 02/01/2017)

    Consumers need to be emotionally engaged with the ads so they come away feeling the brand better meets the expectations they hold for the category Ideal. Puppies are cute and all, but the ultimate question is what did it do for the Budweiser brand? Beyond collecting all those shares, likes, and tweets. Which do correlate with “entertainment” but not so much with sales. Last year only13 of the 33 brands (or thirty-nine percent, down ten percent from the 13-year historical average of forty-nine percent) were assessed as both engaging and entertaining. Of those 13, only 6 were determined to be both highly engaging and highly entertaining. Look, we understand that agencies and marketers hope their ads will entertain. That’s a dimension that’s easy to measure. And unquestionably advertising entertainment and social networking reviews generate lots of chatter. So there you are. You managed to entertain 115 million viewers. But these days that’s not enough. Or shouldn’t be. With 30-second spots selling for $5 million plus, marketers need a new game plan when it comes to assessing advertising ROI. A laugh, a sigh, or a tweet alone isn’t really an acceptable return on budgets this big. Advertising should be judged not by entertainment ratings or social networking trend metrics, but how it ultimately helps the brand perform in the marketplace. Does the ad engage and build the brand’s equity? Does it drive brand share, consumer behavior, and sales? If so, you’ll score positive bottom line impact, even if the advertising wasn’t as entertaining as envisioned. But on this particular Sunday, when a brand gets into people’s living rooms or on their computers or mobile screens, it doesn’t

  • The Black Knight, The Black Swan & Trump Soul by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 05/05/2016)

    nobody should have been have been surprised at the outcome! Why do we say that? Well, we told you. Last year in fact. Shortly after he announced his candidacy. We told you that he was a more-than-viable Republican candidate for president and a serious contender.  How did we know?  We conducted an emotional engagement survey among likely Republican voters.Check out our most recent Linked In post to see what we said nearly a year ago!

  • Most Brands Aren't Getting What They Are Paying For In Super Bowl by Karl Greenberg (Marketing Daily on 01/23/2015)

    The only one of the 5 that's been validated to correlate with positive behavior in the marketplace and – axiomatically, sales and profits – has been emotional engagement, which is defined as moving the brand closer to the consumers' Ideal in the category where the brand competes. "Emotional" does not = "tearing up," which is actually imagery. But as the industry uses it without looking for any link to ROI. Engagement with the platform (CBS) or the program (Super Bowl) is fine. But it's not engagement with the brand.

  • A CPG Planner's Wish For 2015 by Paolo Pazzia (Marketing: CPG on 01/05/2015)

    Boy, do we agree with that. That said, I invite you to listen to this: If we can be of some help, let us know. Best of luck for the New Year, Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys, Inc.

  • Brunch At McDonald's? Maybe Later by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 09/11/2014)

    Thom, Take a look at this and tell me whether Baby Boomers or Millennials rage going to storm anyone's fast food castle for brunch? With or without a "Mc."

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