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  • Moving Together To 'Bolero': Our Industry's Flight To Quality  in Real-Time Daily on 05/11/2017

    One of the most moving pieces of music I know is Ravel's "Bolero." You might not know the song by name, but you'd recognize it if you heard it. It starts with a simple quiet drumbeat, then builds by adding clarinet, oboe, bassoon, strings, brass - and ultimately the entire orchestra. All the while, the same drumbeat plays on. Our industry has its own instruments. In 2017 they started playing together cohesively, building on the common pulse of improving the digital advertising environment for audiences, marketers, and publishers.

  • In Programmatic Integration, The Buyers Are In Front -- Again in Programmatic Insider on 05/23/2014

    A recent trend has prompted me to preemptively say I was wrong about something. I have been claiming that while most of the industry buzz the past 18 months has been about sales channel conflict with publishers, the larger drama is among the agency trading desks set up by the major holding companies -- some partly to take advantage of client fee "double dipping" as well as to leverage specific skill sets and platforms that provide a very different operational process and client benefit for programmatic buying vs. traditional IO-based buying.

  • Labels Matter For Publishers In Programmatic in Programmatic Insider on 04/28/2014

    I was raised to avoid using labels. Describing people, countries, and companies with broad descriptions that can border on stereotypes, positively or negatively, can be very dangerous and inappropriate. Still, In today's world of programmatic buying and selling, and more specifically in the expanding world of private exchanges, labels are critical.

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  • Programmatic Overtakes Direct, But In-App Still Needs Work by Sean Hargrave (London Blog on 04/02/2019)

    Thanks for the insights, but let's please keep terminology consistent - "Direct" has both IO & Programmatic transaction types, so calling it Direct or Programmatic, like almost everyone still does, creates some confusion, especially as Programmatic Direct continues to increase as a transaction type, thanks to seller & buyer team integration - thanks Sean & MP!

  • Publishers Get Just 40% Of Programmatic, Time For A More Direct Approach? by Sean Hargrave (London Blog on 04/17/2018)

    Strange to see such a gap b/w this stat & ANA's - curious on methodology/regional diffrences because the trend is certainly moving to a lower tech tax overall due to competition, M&A, streamlined services, 1st party data>3rd party data...

  • Outlook Mixed On Implications Of AT&T Time Warner Tie-Up by Tobi Elkin (RTBlog on 10/25/2016)

    Big thanks Toby for the inclusion - one slight clarification would be that this deal would remove some hurdles but certainly not all in advancing programmatic tv - plenty of obstacles still in aligning Tech, Targets & Teams, but this would grease a couple key wheels in getting the engines going more on the supply/sales side for advertisers. Also some key advantages as Brian Wieser has mentioned elsewhere in streamlining their own marketing arms - "house" ads just got a lot more advanced...thanks again

  • Ad-Tech And Publisher Consultancy Adds Two Executives by Tobi Elkin (Real-Time Daily on 07/28/2016)

    Thanks Tobi & Mediapost - fwiw, we help Buyers, Trade Companies & Investors around the world too - our VP Global Buyer Strategy position is open now...

  • Publishers Need Better Ad Tech To Compete With Google, Facebook by Laurie Sullivan (Publishers Daily on 10/07/2015)

    To Jay's point, this is part of why we have 4 potential sell-side co-ops helping publishers/trade groups build out in US & EU, similar to the 8 already established around the world. Exchanges/DMPs are much better setup than the quadarantOne days to handle the logistics. That digital ad spend pie chart has two really big slices taken out already and it's not trending yet that they are giving back any share of wallet...

  • Audience Data 2.0 by Brian Nadres (Programmatic Insider on 06/25/2015)

    Great post, Brian! In one instance, our team has seen the marketer data co-op work in Europe already among about 10 brands of non-competing verticals with complimentary data, and we're helping data supplier Vendigi provide unique housing data to various buyers (and sellers). Big opportunity here for industry trade groups as well to provide this services for its buyer or seller members. What will be neat, hopefully in data 2.0 & not waiting til 3.0, is if the DMPs & Exchanges can integrate better to allow sellers & buyers to learn more appropriately about each other's audiences pre-PMP for forecasting and for top & bottom funnel better synching. Something I'm sure The Media Kitchen & other top buyers can use more with their publisher partners. Kudos, BN.

  • Sales Staff Getting The Hang Of Programmatic by Erik Sass (RTBlog on 05/01/2015)

    Sounds like a great panel - not sure if it was discussed but ultimately we've seen sales teams that gradually/quickly move to integration of programmatic see the most efficiency and solution-based offerings to even-stronger relationships, while programmatic specialists take on larger roles with audience development and tech stack ownership. Especially key as most buyers start integrating themselves (see Vivaki/Publicis) We see about 20 publishers in the US that have programmatic fully integrated into sales and we're proud to be responsible for helping 15 of them get there.

  • Agencies, Marketers See Different Benefits In Programmatic by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 06/13/2014)

    Jon - yes, many publishers are not leaning forward as much as they could/should with inventory and sales/ops team integration. But having seen these studies before, the answers are often, like most surveys (not against AP) dependent on how the questions are asked. I'll bet if you surveyed our 8-year-old daughter on 11/1 and asked her what was missing from having a better Halloween, she would likely click the radio button next to "more candy," no matter how full her pumpkin bucket was the night before...

  • CPM On Mobile Private Exchange 213% Higher Than Public by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 05/15/2014)

    +213%...That's it? ;-) Good sign - curious how much of the inventory contains lat/long & how strong a variable that is in the premium. Guessing maybe not much & not much right now.

  • Report Finds Advertisers Gaining Upper Hand From Programmatic Buying, Most Publishers Still In Denial by Joe Mandese (Real-Time Daily on 07/23/2013)

    Hi Joe & Brian - looking forward to reading the whole report, and feel free to reach out anytime. I would love to share updates from NYT that hopefully warrant moving us in the "former camp," given our work just in the last few months... Thanks, Matt Prohaska Programmatic Advertising Director, since 4/22/13 The New York Times

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