Daily Online Examiner Editions for December 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015
Mobile Ads Can Infer Users' Medication, Dating Preferences, Researcher Tells FTC
Illinois Privacy Law Covers 'Faceprints,' Judge Says
Microsoft Takes Stand On Government Surveillance
Search Engine Identifies Medical Privacy Violators
Twitter Drops Ban On Politwoops
Samsung Increases Security In Smart TVs
Yahoo to Alert Email Users Whose Accounts Are Being Hacked
Blurred Lines No More: The Regulators Are Going Native In 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015
FCC: Cable Broadband Providers Boost Speed
Spotify Facing $150M Class-Action Suit
Facebook Settles Lawsuit Over Children's In-Game Purchases
Data Breach Exposes Voter Registration Date For 191 Million People
Egyptian Authorities Halt Facebook's Free Web Service
Smart TVs Viewed As Risk For Security
Appeals Court Shoots Down Facebook Suit
Google Derails AVG Anti-Malware After Discovering Potential Chrome Data Leak
Social Media Threatens Witness Protection Programs
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015
Facebook Defends Zero-Rating Program, Compares 'Free Basics' To Libraries
DOJ Asks Supreme Court To Turn Away Apple
Comcast Users Complain To FCC
Most Pirated Shows Of Year: 'Game Of Thrones,' 'Walking Dead' And 'Big Bang Theory'
Twitter Hires New Diversity Chief
Microsoft Adds Minor Windows Updates, Potentially Exposes Privacy
Security Of Consumer Devices, Smart Objects Seen As Challenge
UK Criminalizes Social Media Abuse
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015
IAB Pushes Back Against FTC's Guidance For Native Ads
'Forbes' Blocks Ad Blockers, Launches Agency Council
DraftKings And FanDuel Illegal In Illinois, Attorney General Says
Report: Verizon To Exempt Go90 From Data Caps
DOJ Wins Access to Journalist's Gmail Account
Consumers: Tracking 'Insidious Invasion Of Privacy'
Livestream Hack May Have Exposed Customer Data
Can Search Engine Results Sway The Political Vote?
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015
YouTube Criticizes T-Mobile For Throttling Video
Dish Accuses Charter Of Undermining Sling TV
Twitter Deletes Business Insider Journalist's Posts
New Zealand Court Orders Megaupload Founder Extradited To U.S.
Microsoft Takes Aim At Adware On PCs Running Windows
Google May Do Away With Email Passwords
Is Blocking Blockers A Wise Move?
Indian Telecom Regulator Unfriends Facebook
The Real Truth: Don't Believe Anything You See Online
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015
Comcast's Data Meters Spur Questions
FTC Says Native Ads Must Carry Clear Disclosures
Broadband Providers Hike Prices
Consumers Rely On Reviews, Buying Guides For Electronics
DOJ Investigates Uber Data Breach
BBB Issues Warning Over Spam Filter Email
Regulators Accuse Oracle Of Deceiving Customers On Java
Many Cord-Cutters Don't Even Have Broadband
Washington Post Getting The Bezos Treatment
Native Ads Pay Off For NYT
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Dec. 21, 2015
Privacy Group Wants New Cross-Device Tracking Regulations
Dow Jones Urges Appeals Court To Dismiss Privacy Case
Smartphone Increases Accompanied By Home Broadband Decline
Authenticated Digital Launches Ad-Authentication Platform
Internet Engineers Propose Censorship Notices
The Telegraph Fined GBP30,000 For Breaking Email Marketing Rules
Startup Says It May Bypass Blockers
WaPo Column Does Little To Deter Web Hoaxes
The One Thing Worse Than Internet Ads Is...
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Dec. 18, 2015
Broadband Speeds Increase Worldwide
Lawmakers Urge Scrutiny Of Social Media For Terror Clues
FTC Charges App Developers With Violating Children's Privacy Rules
Google Prioritizes HTTPS Pages
Comcast Customer Successfully Challenges Data Meter
Religious Apps Have Highest Risk Of Fraud
Ban On Driverless Cars Proposed
Sanders Campaign Locked out of DNC Database After Stealing Clinton's Data
Startup Say Its Ad Blocker Helps Publishers Generate Revenue
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015
FCC Questions T-Mobile, Comcast And AT&T About Data Cap Exemptions
Jury Says Cox Must Pay $25 Million For Piracy By Users
Justice Department Sides Against Facebook In Text-Message Battle
NYT Public Editor Tackles 'Personalized' News
Privacy Expert Ashkan Soltani To Join White House Tech Office
Congressman Suggests Adding IoT To Debate
NiemanLab Writer Says, "Thank God For Ad Blocking"
Unambiguous Consent For Data Enshrined In New EU Regulation
U.S. Marketers Will Face Roadblocks From New European Data Privacy Legislation
How 2016 Presidential Candidates Can Win the Digital Campaign Battleground
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015
Comcast Customers Slam Data Caps
Congress Won't Stop FCC From Enforcing Net Neutrality
Target App Leaks Customers Wish Lists
Visitor Sues Airbnb Over Hidden Camera
T-Mobile 'Likely' Violates Net Neutrality With BingeOn
IAB Will Host Summit To Discuss Media Sales Issues
New EU Data Laws Could Require Teens to Get Parental Permission for Email & Social Networks
University Bans All Smartwatches From Exams
Should Search Engines Regulate To Reduce Piracy?
Publishers Must Take Offense in the Ad-Fraud War
How Marriott Combats Trademark Infringement In Search Results
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